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Have an Electrolux ICON Professional Series E32AR75FPS Side

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Have an Electrolux ICON Professional Series E32AR75FPS Side by Side and my freezer isn't freezing anymore. It is still pretty cold in there but doesnt freeze even if I put it on the coldest setting.

There isn't any frost built up inside the unit.
The fan is blowing and the air coming out feels pretty cool/cold.
I took the back panel off and there isn't any frost built up on the coils.
The compressor (Embraco EGZ 80HLP) is running.

Unit is about 6 years old. Any ideas on what the issue might be? Is the compressor going out on me?

Hello Jerald my name is XXXXX XXXXX you for choosing our service.

When you looked at the coils were they lightly coated from top to bottom with frost?

Was the fan at the rear beside of the compressor operating?


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Rear Coils have no frost on them and the fan behind the coils is running. Coils have a very light coating of dust. The coils are room temp.


I touched the compressor and it is very hot to the touch. Not sure if that is normal or not.

When you touch the compressor Jerald can you feel a light vibration like it is operating?

In some instances a compressor can get so hot you cannot hold your hand on it. Is it that hot?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

it does have a slight vibration/humm. And yes, it is hot where I can't leave my hands on it..

Thanks Jerald, one last question and you may have already answered this one and I may have misunderstood.

Inside the freezer if you look at the coils in there behind the rear wall are those just shiny with not even the lightest coat of frost on them.

Thank you,
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I don't see a way to get to the coils behind the rear wall. The top 2/3's of the interior is a single piece of plastic. Below the bottom 2 drawers there is a separate piece that might be taken off with a dozen or so screws to remove the railing kits, etc.

There at the bottom, from the floor up there is a removable panel that is about 2 and a half feet tall that is the lower section of the rear wall. The coils are behind that panel. You may need to remove the shelf glides or holders depending on which you have on one side to remove that section and get it out. However if there is frost present behind that wall there should be nothing at all on that wall other than liquid water or shiny paint. Is that what you see on that section?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks..removed the rails and the back panel and do see frost on the coils. I've attached a pic. Coils

Thanks for the picture Jerald, it is very clear and I see what is wrong. That is a coolant leak. When you see a pattern like that and the compressor is not buzzing or clicking the reason the frost pattern does not go throughout the entire coilset is because there is not enough coolant to frost the entire coilset.

That means you will have to call for a coolant leak repair and the following questions are the ones that you should ask before accepting an agreement for an appliance repair.

Do you have a license to recover freon?
(They must be licensed its federal law) That way they just cannot come out without you knowing and charge you then leave because they do not have one.

What is the minimum you charge for a sealed system leak repair?

Please and lastly ask them to bring the tools needed to repair a leak. They may find the part of your unit that is leaking and be able to repair it that day, that could save a second trip charge. What some will do is tell you they have to bring the tools showing up without them and then charge twice for coming to your home twice, you want to try and avoid that.

This will give you some idea if you want to repair it or not.

If you have questions about my answer please click the "Reply To Link". I will be happy to explain anything that is not clear. If you have no questions (anything at all) please leave a rating for me.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.



Thanks. In the meantime should I unplug the freezer to keep from harming the condenser or anything or should I keep it plugged in so the repair tech can see the frost pattern? Just don't want to cause any further damage to the freezer.



Yes sir, you are very welcome. Thank you for the opportunity. Yes unplug it and save that picture. That will be all he needs to see. Tell him the compressor was operating at the rear and the fan was operating at the rear. That will be all he needs to know, once he sees the picture and you tell him that he will know.

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