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Dishwasher model number is XXXXX Please Help.

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The dishwasher manufacturer is Miele (G4270/G4275).


My dishwasher model number is XXXXX It should be properly setup with power and water supply. I turn on with the power button, press the program button to 'normal' or 'express'. I close the door of the dishwasher and it should start. Instead, beeps occur and nothing happens. There is a red light beside the program 'normal' or 'express' lit up for 'rinse aid' as well. What exactly could the problem be and what could the possible solution be? Thanks!!



Also, when I try to open the dishwasher back up, there is a red flashing light for the 'Intake / Drain' (above the 'Rinse Aid').  The beeping still continues to occur and nothing else seems to be happening.

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The flood activation may be activated. If water is present in the appliance and is not being drained off. The “Intake/Drain”
LED flashes. The fault is indicated in the display or via the LEDs. The buzzer is activated for 2 minutes.

Check under the unit for water. Remove the bottom kick panel and see if there is water in the catch basin underneath the unit you may have a leak.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hello Appliance Guru. Thank you for your reply.


I read some more of the user manual regarding this 'Intake/Drain' issue.


It says to try to either 1. Open the water supply or 2. Fix the fault in the water intake or water drain.



I have tried to read more instructions on how to perform #1 or #2, but I cannot find any instructions. Could you please provide help on doing either or both #1 or #2?










Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I rated an "OK service". Thank you for point me in the right direction. The solution ended being to turn on the water supply. :D


I found the connection and the knob underneath the sink beisde the dish washer.



The dishwasher is working now! Hooray to clean dishes!



Thanks. All the best, Sir!





Ok great