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We have Frigidaire side by side refrigerator in our 2009 Monaco

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We have Frigidaire side by side refrigerator in our 2009 Monaco Dynasty. It had been in the shop for awhile on unrelated things. When we got it home today the lower part of the non-freezer side had lots of reddish-brown goo all around. My husband cleaned it up before I could figure out where it came from. If I had left some food in there then the food package would still be there, so that's not it. The goo was a viscous liquid, I couldn't smell anything, tasted metallic. Fridge is running but not cooling.

What gives??
Hello, and thank you for using this service. I'll be helping you with your problem today.

If your refrigerator leaked a reddish brown liquid, it means that your refrigerant has leaked out. This would be why the refrigerator isn't cooling either. When the refrigerant oil leaks out, it means your freon system has developed a leak and the freon as well as some of the refrigerant oil that sits in the compressor has been pushed out the cooling. Now that being said, you'd need to have a technician come out and put a dye dryer or bubbles on the freon system to try and detect the freon leak. The leak will need to be repaired and the sealed system re-charged with freon. The usually cost is about $350-400 so it's not a cheap repair in the least I'm afraid.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks! That's what I was afraid of. We have our daughter's little dorm fridge out in the garage. Could we take it with us for the weekend or wouldn't it work?

It should work as long as you have a 110 volt outlet for the refrigerator. Just plug in the refrigerator and that will get you a refrigerator for this weekend at least.

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