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Tyler Z.
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kenmore elite refrigerator and freezer and want to change the

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kenmore elite refrigerator and freezer and want to change the door swing 253.44733107 253.44723105
Hello, and thank you for using this service. I'll be helping you with your problem today.

So this particular refrigerator you can not change the door swing. If you look on the top of the refrigerator, there would be hold to install bolts so that you can install a different hinge and such. Which direction does your door open right now and can you look at the top of your refrigerator and confirm if there are holes on the other side for a hinge to be installed?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I have two sets of these fridge/freezers and want the fridges placed together and the freezers placed together that's why I want to change the door swings. They do not have the pre drilled holes or I would not have asked the question. the question really comes down to "is the cabinet similarly reinforced on both sides to support drilling holes to change the door swing?


So no, they are not re-enforced the same and there is actually a refrigeration line that runs through that other area so if you try to drill in you'll need to be VERY careful to not puncture the refrigeration line that runs around the frame on the opposite corner. You would need to rivet a plate or something like that onto the top of the refrigerator where the hinge is going to be placed, and then drill holes through that plate to mount the hinge. This refrigeration line is just the high side of the compressor to make sure the frame stays warm enough to not freeze the door seal to the freezer in humid conditions.

That being said, these units are actually designed to be ordered in the direction you want to order the door swing. Model 25344723105 the hinge is on the right and 25344723107 the hinge is on the left.
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