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Tyler Z.
Tyler Z., Appliance Doc
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(Appliance Doc Only) Hey Mentor, I need some more help. Working

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(Appliance Doc Only) Hey Mentor, I need some more help. Working on a Frigidaire Side by Side which is leaking occasionally down around the left front corner. There is a little plastic connector there where two plastic lines come together (1/4" maybe?) Do these leak and why, and how do you fix them?
Hello, and thank you for using this service. I'll be helping you with your problem today.

So yes, that is a coupler and it will often leak. That water lines twists slightly every time the door is opened and closed and over time it will leak. Do make sure that you don't have water on the floor inside the freezer, because if your drain line backs up it can cause a leak by overfilling the floor inside the freezer.

Replacing that coupler is a very easy fix, but the water line is usually 5/16" so you'll need the model number to make sure that you can get one of those couplers. Hardware stores will care 1/4" but they won't carry 5/16" if your water line is 5/16" going to that door.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

What does that line actually do? You have the water line going up the back for the ice maker. You also have the rubber line coming down into the evaporation pan. What does the one in front do?

I suppose that depends on the model, but I would assume that it's going to the water dispenser if you have an in-door water dispenser. That's really the only reason that a water line goes to the door.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Ah, that does make sense. So, this is just a guess on your part, but you think I'll be able to get that coupler from a normal parts place, or does that sound like something I'd have to order? It's a Frigidaire unit.

Well it's not really a guess. It was a guess that you had an in door water dispenser. I based that guess on the fact you said you had a water line going to it. I suppose I was questioning why you were asking what it went to if you knew there was an in door water dispenser.

Either way, you can pick up a coupler at most parts stores, they won't need to be ordered in most cases.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

No, no, I wasn't saying you were guessing about the water dispenser line! I was asking you to guess whether or not you thought I'd have to order the coupler! That's all.

Oh, sorry. So yes. It is a bit of a guess, but just so you know--the only other option would be that the door is building up condensation inside an dripping out the bottom of the door. If that were the case, then the door would need to be replaced in most cases because Frigidaire is usually a foamed in door that can't be taken apart.

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