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When the machine is in the washing cycle the drum makes three turns, then stops and the viewing panel indicates de. This indicates that the lid is open, but the lid is closed. the same happens when in the spin cycle, the drum does not spin and after 10 seconds the same sign appears on the viewing panel.
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So you are 100% correct. The "de" stands for "door error" and it means that your washer isn't sensing that the lid is locking. Now it doesn't matter if the lid is actually locking or not, the sensor inside isn't giving a signal to the control board that the lid is locking so the latch itself would need to be ordered and replaced to fix this problem.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

does the latch fit between the lid and the computer board panel when the lid is closed?

I notice that there is a recess in the front of the lid and it seems as if the locking latch is missing. Could this be the problem of the missing latch ?

Aye, it sounds like your latch has probably broken. The latch should be toward the front where there is that recess. Sometimes and out of balance load will hit it and break it off.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

thanks for the answers, i certainly think this is the problem. My next question is would LG refund me for the PC Board i prchased from them and or could it be replaced with this lockin device and sensor?

That is 100% up to the dealer that you purchased the board from. You'll need to speak with them directly to see what their policy is on refunds I'm afraid.

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