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I have a Samsung Fridge RS253BAWW. The fridge side has stopped

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I have a Samsung Fridge RS253BAWW. The fridge side has stopped cooling, freezer side is working, actually the temp keeps dropping.
Background: I bought it a couple years ago as someone was selling it for the same problem and just wanted to dump it. I hauled it home, plugged it in--not a problem for 3 years, until this last week. I took the freezer panel off and found some ice at the upper end of the evaporator. I took the fridge panel off and it was one block of ice, pretty much solid at the top of the evaporator extending through most of it. The fan was totally encased. I think the white "squiggly" water tank at the bottom of the fridge was froze too.

I know I toasted the fan on the fridge side-- it won't run or cool at all now. What other parts would I need to maybe keep this from happening? Without getting out my ohmeter and testing everything I am fine at getting a couple temp sensors or what ever just to be safe.... Or if you would have an idea of what is wrong that I can go after, even better!

Hello Andy my name is XXXXX XXXXX you for choosing our service.

Please give me a few more minutes to look at the diagrams for your model.


Andy there are 2 sensors attached to the coils in the fresh food section it costs right around $20 including shipping (thats close) to replace those parts. Replace both. One determines the temperature of the coils at run time and the other cuts off the heater when it gets warm. Either can cause this failure. I have linked a site to use below for you. THere is a one year warranty on the parts and a no questions asked return policy.

That is one part up there. If you will search the part number DA32-00006W at the same site that will get you the other part. That way you can get both on the same order. Just remember to have the refrigerator unplugged before changing the parts.

That will take care of it. If you have any questions please ask. If not then please leave a rating for me.

Thank you,
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

do these sensors tell the fan to start as well? I plugged it back in --the freezer is cooling, fridge is not, fan won't run on the fridge side if I push in the door switch or anything... is there a way I can test it? or since it was encased in a block of ice--shall I assume it's toast?! Are these fans 120V or are they steped down?

No the sensors are for defrost only. Also stopping a fan does not always lead to damage especially when its cold so it may be fine. Melt it out of there and give it a go.

Your fan motor is a 120 volt ac fan motor Andy. You can test for voltage right there at the connector and to frame ground. If the fridge is set lower than the actual temperature in side and if the freezer side is operating there should be voltage present at that fan motor connection. Just rotate through the pins while holding one lead to a frame ground.

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