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My GSL25IFRF will make ice, but wont dispense water, I look

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My GSL25IFRF will make ice, but won't dispense water, I look at my book and it tells me the reservoir is frozen. where is the reservoir and how do I thaw without shutting down the whole system?
Hello my name is XXXXX XXXXX thank you for choosing our service.

Please make this check first. Behind the kick panel below the doors is a water line connector. Push the white ring in while pushing the line at the same time. Then pull the line out. Get a towel and then see if you can get water to run out of it by pressing for water at the dispenser. Take your time and let me know. That line is not pressurized until you tap the dispenser.


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

No water will run out there was a bit of water in the line but no flow

Thanks Bill, if you will push that line back in and give it a light tug it should seat.

The tank is behind the crisper drawers. There are 2 water lines that go to it. Sometimes the tank is a bunch of coiled up tubing. Grab a part of the tubing and bend it. Does it crack like it has ice in it?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Was playing with this earlier tubes are tied together but most of them I can bend with out any cracking sound. It appears there is flexibility but where tubes are tied together it is difficult to tell. my next move would have to be to break the ties and examine the entire line.

I have found that the outside tubes freeze before the inside tubes do. Its not likely the inner ones are frozen.

Bill do you have a volt meter or a test light?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Have a VOM, I have worked 40 years as a motor designer in the electric motor industry. I worked on Emerson's development of the 8 and 16 watts condenser fan motors. What do I need to check is the valve controlling this dual solenoids?

That is great Bill. Yes sir, follow the water line down the back of the freezer it will connect to one side of that dual valve. Disconnect the other side and set your meter above 120 volts ac. Insert the probes in that connector and have someone press the disepenser for water. You should get voltage. I expect that you will.

Get a bucket if you do to catch water in and pull the water line off from the side of the valve you disconnected. Hold that valve over the bucket after you have the water line disconnected and press for water at the dispenser, have the wire connector reconnected. I believe you will not get any water.

If I am correct at each test you need to replace that water valve. If that happens please leave a rating for me. If it happens that I am incorrect or if you have questions about anything at all please ask me.


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I left out the part about reconnecting the wire connector.

Before you hold the valve over the bucket and after the water line is removed connect the wire connector first, then ask someone to press the dispenser for water.

I thought it but did not type it, sorry about that.