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(Appliance Doc Only) Appliance Doc, I got into that leaking

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(Appliance Doc Only) Appliance Doc, I got into that leaking Fisher Paykel GWL15 I asked you about this morning. Put it in dianostic mode. Showed no Faults. It ran through a full load and seemed to work perfectly. In the final Spin cycle, there was water around the front corners. I tilted it back and saw no water around pump or diverter valve, but the cord that runs to the Lid Switch was damp and I could see some water around the underside of the gray main cabinet at the top.
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So this means that water from your fill flush is either splashing out, or possibly the recirculation tube in the back right corner attached to the side of the tub is partially clogged causing it to spray out and hit the agitator and splash up. Check for blockages in the recirculation tub because lint will sometimes build up and cause it to spray out similar to having a thumb over a garden hose. Other than that possibly a new fill flume would need to be replaced? Or the diverter valve if it's not opening up all the way and causing that spraying effect and splashing as it goes up the recirculation tube? It's really hard to say without seeing it.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I can get to recirculation tube by taking off the cabinet with those two screws you mentioned this morning?


And what is the fill flume you're referring to? The lady put an agitator in recently. I asked her if it was leaking before then and she said no. I wonder if the fill tube got knocked at an angle, but I don't know if it's even accessible unless you take the cabinet off, and whether or not it was possible for her to move it slightly. I know how to take the Diverter Valve off, if necessary, and clean that out.

So you actually can't take the cabinet off. The only access is from the top or through the bottom. But yes, you can access the fill flume which is attached to the back of the top panel and by removing those 2 screws, you can access this part as well as the recirculation tube.
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