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My LFFHF21F7HWC Freezer had a lightening strike. I replaced

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My LFFHF21F7HWC Freezer had a lightening strike. I replaced the control panel on the front door and the freezer started right up. However the freezer is cycling between 25 and 40 degrees. No food in it yet.


Side Note:  I took the controller board out of the faceplate and on the back there was a burnt out area. So I ordered a new one, plugged it in, flipped on the breaker and bingo, it started cooling.

Hello, and thank you for using this service. I'll be helping you with your problem today.

So the first thing you want to do is pull everything out of the freezer and remove the screws going into the lower back panel inside the freezer. Look at the silver coils behind this panel and can you tell me what the frost looks like on the coils? Are they lightly frosted from top to bottom? No frost at all? Some frost on top but not on bottom? etc...

Also, is the fan above the silver coils running?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

There is nothing in the freezer. I will have to go out to my shop to perform this test. I shut the freezer off for the night about an hour ago. However, I can go out turn it on and check those items.


While I was performing the prior cycles I did feel air blowing out of the circulation area at the top of the freezer.


Also while you were answering I was trying to add the following note:

Second Note: I can't edit the additional info so this pertains to the added info. I have a freezer dial thermometer inside the freezer along with the probe thermometer. I opened the freezer door at the top and bottom of the cycles, each time the thermometers both agreed on the temp. The complete cycle from high temp to low temp was about 20 min. The cycle from 25 degrees to 40 degrees was also about 20 min.

OK you'll want to remove the panel and leave all wires still connected, then just plug the unit in for about 15 or 20 minutes before checking out those items.

As for the thermostat and air, it sounds like your fan is working, but you can confirm that once you remove the lower back panel.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

When I first got out there I flipped on the breaker. My probe and dial thermometers read 56 degrees. The front panel read 32 degrees. Opening the door the frigde felt warm.


I took off the panel. Fan is running, Compressor running. Frost on the top of the evaporator coil. Small bits of ice. bottom of coils cold but clear.

Freezer panel reads 31 degrees. However thermometers read 65.


15 min later. Frost and tiny bits of frozen condensate top to bottom on coil.

I can perform resistance measurements if needed.


It's not all that important what the freezer panel reads because it also knows it's too warm since it should be down at 0 degrees, not 31.

Either way, the heater below the silver coils is not on correct?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

The heating element, a single rod along the bottom (I presume_) is frosted over. The entire coil is now white with frost top to bottom including the heating element. The freezer is cooling significantly.

OK so it sounds like it's working right now then, you just didn't give it enough time to frost up. Pull the freezer out and see if the fan next to the compressor is running. If so, then you'll really have to wait for it to act up and not cool. If the fans are still running when it's warming up, you will likely need a new compressor. If the fans and everything stop running, you'll likely need a new thermistor sensor because it's not sensing the proper temperature.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Sorry it takes so long. My shop is about 50 yards from the house and no internet out there.


There is no fan with the compressor. When the freezer cools to its lowest setting 26 degrees, everything shuts off and the unit is totally quiet until it reaches 40 again.

I think the thermistor might be the problem. When I first brought the freezer home and plugged it in the front panel showed the actually shop temp, about 85 degrees. That temp came down slowly as the unit cooled.


When I plugged it in after replacing the panel it show 53 degrees which I thot was weird. I figured the temp sensing device might be bad also.


Is the thermistor that little (about dime size) black plastic device with a red and white wired, stuck to the side of the freezer above the coil about 6 inches, behind the panel I removed?

OK so then I think you're right, if the unit is shutting down completely, it thinks it has reached the correct temperature. That thermistor sensor is mounted somewhere inside the freezer usually behind a small plastic protective cover on the left or right wall toward the back. Either way, that sensor needs to be replaced to fix the issue.

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