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Five weeks ago I called the repair man about my GEProfile 23.6

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Five weeks ago I called the repair man about my GEProfile 23.6 cu.ft.(TPX24PR) refrigerator since it wasn't keeping drinks cool as before. The temp on the inside of the frige was 43. The 1st repair man moved a bottle of salad dressing and said it was covering the cold air duct, it would be fine by morning, not so. 2nd repair man noticed the fan behind the ice maker was not working, ordered part, replaced 1 wk. later, still not the problem. The 4th visit from another repair man said it was the thermostat which was replaced after part arrived one week later. Still not the problem. The next repairman took off the pack and said the compressor was not working, ordered new, arrived and placed next week still not working, now the ice is melting in freezer which it had be working so, so before,

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OK so it sounds like you've had a lot done but the first thing you need to do now is remove everything out of the freezer and remove the screws going into the lower back panel inside the freezer. Remove this panel and what does the frost look like on the silver coils behind this panel? Is the fan above the coils running?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

After reading some of the questions, I thought it was perhaps the fan which cools the compressor as stated to a previous question. The repair man removed all the panels last week on all three sides before ordering the compressor. Thank goodness I have a service policy on the fridge. Atleast before the new compressor was installed, the ice cubes were frozen fairly well. I noticed this morning the water was dripping from the ice container. I know I am getting might tired of waiting for repairmen.... and not getting it fixed. I did look in my manual which came with the fridge. It only gave basic info nothing about parts or wiring. I can't believe this whole things. They are to return Saturday between 8-5. This will be the third Sat I have waited for them to come to my house. I have ruined so much food from the fridge and the freezer. Please let me know it you think of anything else.... Thanks

It's hard to just guess at what is wrong without actually looking and inspecting some things. You need to make sure the fan back by the compressor is running and you need to remove the lower back panel inside the freezer to see the silver coils. The fan above the coils should also be running so if both fans are running, look at the silver coils. The silver coils should be lightly coated in frost from top to bottom. Since the compressor was just replaced, my guess would be that the coils will be partially frosted and you have a freon leak since it worked for a bit and now the freezer is beginning to warm up.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

As a 75 y/o widow, it is not fesible for me to remove the panels. It was a chore for the repairman with his electric drill. I asked the repairman before he installed the compressor if it could be low on freon. The motor has been running constantly for 5-6 weeks now without getting lower than 42 earlier, now it is 50 something. Does Freon have an odor? I noticed a different odor in the freezer compartment immediately after the repair man left. I just thought maybe it was from using the fire tourch earlier. I noticed a yellow substance on the bottom of the freezer this evening. I felt it to see if it could be oil. Don't think so. It was not there earlier in the evening. Perhaps it was something stuck under neath a shelve. Other than that, the inside is spotless. Thanks

So the problem before was definitely NOT low freon. Freon doesn't have an odor, but a yellow oil would mean that you have a freon leak if it's coming from the sealed system. A freon leak will affect the freezer before it affects the refrigerator. You were stating that before it affected the refrigerator first before the compressor was replaced and just now you're having issues with the compressor. That means that possibly the other problem is fixed, but now you have a new problem which sounds like a freon leak since the freezer is being affected before the refrigerator this time.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

The fridge is built into the cabinets. Several days ago, I felt the section of the wood cabinet about 5 foot off the floor. It was warmer than the other sections. I checked again in the last few minutes and it is not warm eventho some motor has been running constantly???. I felt the yellow spot again on the bottom. It didn't feel greasy, it felt a little gritty. It was the color of a dark vanilla ice cream, opaque. I will check in the morning to see if the substance appears again. Thanks

OK well again, it's just an educated guess without actually taking the unit apart and inspecting the motors and the evaporator coils. You can't expect more without actually inspecting the machine to know exactly what is running and what is not running. The cabinet will get warm or cool based on how hard the compressor is working--that is normal.
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