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My microwave loses power for a few minutes (goes completely

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My microwave loses power for a few minutes (goes completely off) after it does anything that builds up steam- cooking vegetables, for example.
When it comes back on it needs to have the clock reset, so it is indeed completely off.
Is this common? Is it easily repaired?
It's a Jenn Air, six years old.
Hello, and thank you for using this service. I'll be helping you with your problem today.

If you're cooking too much steam in the microwave, then that will definitely cause a problem. It can short out the control board or possibly overheat the magnetron since Jenn Air uses the interior air inside the microwave to blow through the magnetron to cool the magnetron off. If the magnetron overheats, there is a thermal cut out on the magnetron that cuts power to everything on the unit so that it doesn't burn the house down.

That being said, I'm not sure there is a problem if it only happens when steaming things. There are specific steam ovens and microwaves designed to do this. Other than that, if it shuts off when cooking something like lasagna, or spaghetti, that would be a problem.

If you wanted to steam vegetables, they sell steam bags at grocery stores which holds the steam inside the bag to steam food without harming the microwave.

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

The problem is new, however the way I have been cooking vegetables hasn't changed- I use the "vegetable" button, and put the veggies in a glass dish with a glass lid, so most of the steam stays inside.

And it turned itself off after cooking popcorn.

So this is a "take it to a repair shop" problem?

So whether the problem is new or not, you will get problems if you continue to steam vegetables in this manner because the steam will cause problem if it escapes to an extent.

That being said, if it turned itself off after cooking popcorn, then you have a problem and likely your magnetron is overheating. You'd need to test the thermal cut off on the side of the magnetron to see if it's open when it shuts off (yes you wouldn't need to take it to a repair shop to do this). If it's open, then you need a new magnetron. if not, then you'd need a new display control board.

But I just want to make it clear that even though this problem is recent, it doesn't meant that it wasn't caused from the steam over time which causes the magnetron to overheat. It's similar to having your knee hyper-extend. Eventually if you do it enough times, something will tear and you'll need surgery.

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