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I have a mile g863 dishwasher and it is not filling with water.

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I have a mile g863 dishwasher and it is not filling with water. The intake drain light goes on and then blinks 5 times. It will not fill with water. The drain pump works because if I put water water in it will pump it out. But no water will fill. I have tried freeing up the wash pump, I can't tell if the impeller is turning. It was working a couple of weeks ago. It almost seems like it needs to be reset. I have tried turning off the breaker and letting it sit.
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It seems that the flood protection system has been activated. Remove the bottom kick panel on the unit. You need to check the basin under the machine for water. If the unit has leaked water from a bad hose or pump under the unit water will collect in the basin and tip the flood protection system. Once that happens it will do what it is doing. Check it out and see. Of you do have water under the machine in the catch basin you need to source the leak.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

By the kick plate I assume you mean the panel with the 4 screws behind the face panel that snaps in place. This is below the door. The upper two screws are hard to get to, but I can get them out. There is no water on the floor or anywhere around the unit. I will wait for your reply and then if necessary remove the 4 screws and take off the steel panel. Is there a way to reset the the flood trip?

Yes the panel below the door and you would not actually see water under the unit since there is a molded basin that surrounds the bottom of the unit and water would be in there. You would need to dry out the basin if there is water to get the float to reset, but if there is water you would have a leak somewhere under the unit itself.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Yes there was water there, I dried it out with towels and then put a fan on it for a few hours to make it completely dry. The unit started up, filled the tank, then shut down because there is apparently a leak. So I guess I have to get into the bottom somehow. That means taking the machine out of the cabinet I assume. What is the most common place to look for the leaks. Obviously I can't run it with opened up. Hopefully I will see something loose or broken. Is there typically something that comes loose or leaks? Thanks.

CHeck the main motor for any signs of leaking. Often the main motor seal fails and will leak. You could have a cracked hose as well, its just hard to say until you get it out and apart.
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

But in order to do this I will need to remove the unit from the cabinet and get to the motor from the bottom? So I will need to set the unit on its back side?

Yes exactly
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Yes I gave you an excellent rating and I paid the $50 fee and it was deducted from my checking account via pay pal on August 12th.