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our ge monogram hood fan stopped working. We have had the

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our ge monogram hood fan stopped working. We have had the fuse replaced twice and another part that was over $200 dollars. Any thoughts on what it could be? We had an electrician come in and test the electricity and he says it is getting normal power. Could it be the motherboard?

Jon : What exactly is the hood doing or not doing? Just not coming on at all? Or no fan or blower?
Jon : do the lights work?
Jon : if so then it is the blower motor that could be failing.
Jon : but if nothing works and there is power to the hood the yes, the mother board or fuse in th hood could be bad.
Jon : please get back to me with the answer to those questions and I will be able to better help you fix this machine. And also tell me what the last few digits of the model number are? Without them I will not be able to get you the correct parts info for your machine.
Jon : thanks
Jon : the last few digits of the model number will be found on the model sticker inside the blower hood area. So you will need to remove the grills or vents to locate the model sticker.
Jon : Model number should look something like zv750sy2ss

Hi, yeah, nothing happening at all. The fuse has been replaced twice and works for a few mins then shuts off again. The model number is XXXXX 36 inch, ZV750

Jon : if the fan and blower seems like it is humming but not rotating then it is most likely the blower motor that is binding. And usually from all the grease that builds up from cooking over the years. It is common. Happens often and can be easily fixed by swapping he motor

There was another part that was replaced as well, around $200, and the same thing happened, it worked, then shut down.

Jon : ok if nothing works then it could be the mother board. What fuse has been replaced? The fuse onthe machine or the fuse to th circuit breaker?
Jon : is this hood on its own dedicated circuit at the main panel box?

Not sure. They came in and replaced it twice....yes it has its own switch at the main board


Shouldn't the repair techs that replaced it twice have known this?


We keep being charged for them to come out......

Jon : ok good,. Have you and a power surge lately? Or when you use the hood do the lights flicker like it is drawing in too much power? If yes, then you need to have the hood on a large amp circuit. At least 40 amp is recquired to run this hood.

Not that I appeared to be functioning normally, the just shut down....

Jon : if no lights flicker and the unit runs fine or used to run fine but now does nothing then yes, replace the motherboard. And I would have the electrician or appliance service company check to make sure the isn't a wire shorting out that is constantly causing the failure. You don't want to change the board again and have this fail soon after.

We bought a new fan from IKEA for only 350, would it be cheaper just to install it?

Jon : Ok. What is the full model number and I.
Jon : sorry

The electrician is here now, and he tested the connection and said that it is fine.....

Jon : and I will look up parts info so you can order them cheaply online and install it yourself if you want to save most money. Or order the parts and have an appliance repair company come in and install them for you.

The Ikea fan?

Jon : what amp breaker is it hooked up to? Ask him that. He should know
Jon : What ikea fan?
Jon : this is a GE monagram hood, correct?

we bought a replacedment, it isn't as nice


ok I will ask him.....

Jon : ok
Jon : yes. Please ask him what amp breaker the ge hood is wired into

he says 15 amp

Jon : then tell me the full model number of the GE hood and I will get you part info
Jon : that's the issue right there

it is ZV750


oh really? It worked fin fr over 3 years on it....


what should it be hooked up to?

Jon : 15 amp is not enough. Needs to be at least a 30 amp. It runs off too much power. That would break the aching after a while if it can't handle enough power from smaller am breaker.
Jon : have electricXXXXX XXXXXe th breaker for the hod to at least a 30 amp breaker. Then change the mother board.

Ok, can the electrician move it?


ok how much is motherboard?

Jon : please tell me the full model number by removing the hood vents and grill up above and look for the sticker on the inside of the hood.
Jon : I can't tell you how much the parts are with out the full model number.
Jon : Mother board and control is about $300. But I would know exactly how much after you tell me what the full model number is?

He says that the fan is a 120 V and that the 15 amp would be fine. He said that it would trip if it wasn't?

Jon : that is not correct. Just because it is 110 volt fan doesn't mean that a 15 amp breaker would work. Technically yes, it will run off an15 amp breaker. Which it is but when the fan the lights and other appliances around it like the oven or cooktop are working, the fan draws in more voltage and power. Andthe fan can't handle it apparently.


Jon : I see it happen a lot. My peice of advice to stop this from happening again is upgrade the breaker to 30 or 40 amp breaker thenchange the board.

here is the model number

Jon : that is the right fix here.
Jon : otherwise, you will just be half fixing it and it will keep breaking downagain and cost you more money in long run.


Jon : thank you for the model. Be right back with parts info


Jon : Main circuit / motherboard is part number WB27X10553. And should cost about $325. I can be ordered from or by going to the following link.

Ok, now, we did buy a replacement fan from IKEA for 389, with a 5 year warranty, best be to just install this new one?

Jon : Here is the link for the part.
Jon : just copy and paste the link to your browser to open.
Jon :

unless, does a motherboard generally have warranty for more than 4 years?

Jon : oh. Yes.
Jon : if you bought a replacement already then replace it with that one if they won't charge too much to install it.
Jon : then that will be under warranty.
Jon : how old is the GE hood?

3.5 is a top of the line fan......


we also had our GE fridge conk out after a year and a half, and our builder gave us a new one. Is this common with GE products?

Jon : No. Warranty for most parts are only a year. S if the GE is older then a year, and new ikea fan will not cost much more then $100 to install, then go that route and install the new ikea

ok, great! With the IKEA fan will 15 amp be enough?


It is a Luftig model

Jon : yes. Very common with GE appliances. Especially the newer GE appliances. They are not made as well as they once were. I a shame because you spend good money on them. But they fail within five years usually. I recommend whirlpool for all kitchen and laundry appliance. They are the best for the money. I see them fail the least.
Jon : any favor hood you put there I would upgrade the breaker to at least a 30 amp breaker just so this doesnt happen again.

Kitchenaid is whirlpool, correct?

Jon : Yes, correct. KitchenAid is higher end whirlpool. It is like monogram for GE. But kitchenAid is way better made and will last longer.
Jon : please get back to me here again if you have any other questions and I will help you more.

any other advice for any installer or tech's regarding this?

Jon : please also remember to rate my performance with ok service or better rating now so that I may get credit for helping you front he website. And like I said, if you have more questions , please come back to me here again and I will help you more for no additional charge.

Great, thanks for your advice.

Jon : No other advise besides the breaker being a 30 amp and going with a whirlpool or kitchen aid. Make sure you clean the vent about every month so the grease from cooking doesn't jam the blower motor.
Jon : Thats it

Ok thanks!

Jon and 2 other Appliance Specialists are ready to help you
Thank you again for the positive rating. It is greatly appreciated.

Please get back to me here if you have any other questions or concerns and I wil help you more for no additional charge.

Thanks again.