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Bob L Your Appl Pal, Home Appliance Tech
Category: Appliance
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Model #SHX46A07UC-33 During normal operation, pushing the

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Model #SHX46A07UC-33

During normal operation, pushing the start button and closing the door starts the motor and water intake. Pushing the on/off button with the dishwasher door open now starts the motor whereas during proper operation, the door must first be closed.

Now the motor starts and no water is drawn in.

What is wrong?

Hello..It is my Pleasure To Be Working With You Today.If the unit is starting with the door open..Either your door latch is broken..Or the latch is activated with the door open..On this unit when you pull the door open the rocker switch inside the latch should flip outward..Sometimes this will allow you to open the door but the spring loaded latch will spring back inward ..Which tells the computer that the door is closed..In other wards the latch is in the closed position with the door open..Either replace the latch..Or fish the latch back out to the open position.CLICK HERE FOR PART

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

With the door in the closed position, I would expect water to be drawn into the dishwasher even if the computer thinks the door is closed. This is not happening which leads me to believe something else is wrong.

When this happens can you hear a motor running..?

Rick..If you can hear a motor/Pump running and no water entering the unit..Then your dishwasher is in flood mode..The pump will run but no water will enter the unit..It is a safety feature..What you need to do is remove the water down underneath in the dishwasher..There is a styrofoam disc which is the actual float..It will trigger the float switch via the red plastic arm at the left side of the unit..Remove the front kick plate..Look for the red arm ..Move the arm up and down..The motor/Pump should stop..

The fix is to remove all water in the bottom cabinet of dishwasher.CLICK HERE FOR FLOAT

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I found the red plastic arm. I gently pushed the arm down and the motor did stop; but on closing the dishwasher door no water was drawn in.


Something else happened also; depending on the vertical position of the red arm float I could push the start button (with the dishwasher door open) and the motor did not start.

Once you close the door the filling should begin..The unit should not start with the door open..Unless the latch was in the closed position..Did you remove the standing water in the bottom of the unit..This way the float will set back down into the proper position ..Which will allow the water to fill and the drain pump not to run..From what you just explained..Your problem is that the unit went into the float activation mode..Only fix is to remove the water completely from the bottom..If this was done then the float switch is bad.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

So here is what I've done: with the start button on (red LED indicators on) and the door open I was able to stop the motor. I then closed the door and the unit appears to be functioning normally. I will let the unit run its cycle.


The problem still remains, I think, with the float switch. I pushed down and rotated the float switch, with the unit door open, and was able to start and stop the motor.



If you have not removed the water in the bottom pan..The float switch will keep activating...It is difficult to get to the water..Most times you have to tip the unit forward and remove the water with a towel etc..Yes your unit went into flood mode..Also please remember to rate my answer to you at "OK" or better before leaving today so that i may be credited through the system for my time helping you on your repair..Thanks Bob
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Bob - I will provide a rating before I leave, but still have a question.


I do see a very small amount of water in the sump inside the unit, but believe this small amount of water would always be present, no? With the dishwasher door open, I saw the motor trying to evacuate this small amount of water. Then I pushed down and rotated the float switch and the motor turned off - still leaving the water in the sump.


I would not think the sump needs to be completely dry, because the motor would evacuate all the water necessary for the float switch to work properly.


I'm just trying to figure out what happened to normal operation yesterday to today.

Correct..The pump will run all the time as long as that switch is in the activated position..Also there will be a small amount of water in the bottom inside of unit.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

So, I will let the current dish washing cycle complete operation.


I'll open the door and load the next set of dishes. If I push the start button and the motor starts, does this mean the float switch is bad?

It could mean the switch is bad or that there is still water inside the bottom cabinet of the washer activating the float..Which is connected to the float switch and arm..It is a round piece of Styrofoam at the base of the cabinet.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Since a small amount of water will always be present in the sump, wouldn't that suggest the pump is not evacuating all the water it should?


Is the round piece of Styrofoam visible from inside the cabinet (head inside looking down) or do I need to pull the unit out from under the counter and look from beneath?

No..There will always be a small amount of water in the bottom of the washer..Remove the front kickplate..Take a flashlight..Shine it down where the red plastic lever is located..You will see the float in the bottom of the cabinet..Take a towel paper etc. use it to make sure there is no water in the bottom...Thanks Bob
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