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I left an oven mat in during self cleaning cycle and there

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I left an oven mat in during self cleaning cycle and there is a nasty gay/white residue on the side, the door, racks and especialy heavy on the bottom where the drip mat was. Any way to remove this?
Thanks, Larry
Hello..It is my Pleasure To Be Working With You Today.Sorry this has happened to you Larry..Best thing to do is purchase the self clean spray and 0000 steel wool or a scotchbrite pad..Spray the wall etc...Let it sit then use the pad in one small area to see how well it will come off on your surface.Heating the oven up prior also helps the process...Using the self clean will damage the computer components and hinder the life of the appliance..It is best to use the non fume spray on cleaner.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I also forgot to mention the on the sides of the oven where the racks rest there appears to be rust colored spots where the rack was in contact with side rests. Also is the self clean spray regular oven cleaner or just for self clean ovens? We bought our ge appliances at Lowes. Can I get it there?

Thanks, Larry

Unfortunately there is no quick fix to removing the material..It may take a few cleanings to remove all of the material..Its a matter of warming the oven then cleaning and repeating over until all is cleaned up.Depending upon the buildup, a heatgun also helps with warming the material for removal..The spray is regular oven cleaner..Walmart has the product...As far as the sides the scotchbrite should remove the rust color..Like i said try a small area see what your results are..Thanks Bob
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

When can I use the self cleaning cycle again without damaging the computer system?



Thanks, Larry

Larry what i was getting at..Is when you use the self clean..It creates a extreme heating condition..Which over time will damage the computer components..Most think .."well why would the manufacturer have the option if it causes damage to the oven..? "..Something the manufacturers are not going to tell you..You can do a google search on "Damage using the self clean on ovens"..We receive many calls around the thanksgiving holidays as to oven just quit..We pretty much know what the problem will be upon arrival..Solution to that is to not use the self clean..Or if you are going to use it..Use it after the holidays..;) Thanks Bob
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