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I have a Miele La Perla G2832. I started an Economy cycle.

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I have a Miele La Perla G2832. I started an Economy cycle. A few minutes later, while the screen still said "Dishes can be added", someone who did not realize I had started a cycle opened the door to add an item. Surprised by the sounds she heard, she pushed the door closed--apparently before the motorized push-pull rod had fully retracted. The door no longer latches. The machine chirps until we push the power button, at which point the screen displays "Automatic Door Opening Fault" and tells us to call for service. I probably made matters worse by pushing the rod even further into its slot. Any ideas how a consumer can get past this problem and run a wash?
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Unfortunately based on what has happened the latch mechanism may have been broken. You would have to disassemble the door panel to get at the latch mechanism to see what is broken or out of alignment on it. Now this is not typically an average consume repair as this machine is complicated and pretty technical, so I am not sure you would be able to get it working again. If you are not comfortable with electronics or mechanical devices I would not attempt this as you could make matters worse than they already are. I wish I had better new for you, but when the Miele latch does that you have to take it apart since there is no "quick" fix. Please do not kill the messenger on this:)
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Relist: Inaccurate answer.
This expert said I could make matters worse by attempting a repair. If I hadn't been aware of that risk, I would not have sought expert assistance from JustAnswer. But this particular technician does not seem to have experience repairing this type of automatic door opener on this or similar Miele models. If he did, I do not think he would have said some of the things he said. They don't apply.
When you said "How can a consumer get past this issue" it implied you were not mechanically inclined. If you would like to take the door apart that is fine, just let me know your skill level and if you have tools.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Have you ever repaired an automatic door opener on this or similar Miele models? And did you read my original request carefully? I think you'd have to say "no" to at least one of those questions. I would only feel comfortable receiving assistance from someone who could say "yes" to both.

I am a Miele tech and have repaired hundreds of these, but it sounds like you would like to speak with another tech. I will post it out for you.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I apologize. I see you do have the experience. The reason I doubted it is that you talked about repairing the latch in the door when I had said the stuck part is the motor-driven rod. The rod is located in the top wall (ceiling) of the machine not in the door. When the sensor senses that the door has closed the motor turns on and normally pushes the rod into the door latch. Our rod isn't.moving when the motor runs. It is disengaged. I may be wrong but I think the fix won't require latch or door work at all.

Does that explanation help?

(On Monday I can schedule a local tech to come out but I don't know yet what day. Meanwhile we have a lot of relatives visiting and a lot of dishes to keep clean. But also a lot of people to hand wash dishes.)
Ok on the La Perla model if you think you have not damaged the latch and only have a rod issue you need to slide the unit out a bit...and

1. Remove the top insulating mat.
2. Open the door.
3. Disconnect the plug connections.
4. Release the snap clip.
5. Pull the CTSH with adjustable door lock latch below the top door seal
through towards the back.

Here is a brief desrciption of how your door works

The closing function of the comfort door closing aid (CTSH) is time-controlled.
As soon as the given time has elapsed, the fault indication Fault with auto.
door closing is displayed. This fault indication can also be displayed if the
door is forcefully slammed shut.
If there is a fault with the opening function, the fault indication Fault
with auto. door opening is displayed.
Incorrect operation and/or door closing obstructed.
The time fault can occur, e.g., if a dishtowel between the door and the
cabinet is obstructing the closing action. As soon as the allotted time for
door closing has elapsed, a fault is registered and indicated in the display.
If the door is slammed shut too forcefully, the motorized latch can be forced
out of position causing a fault to be registered (ID nos. -1404, -1465).
The fault is reset by switching the appliance off and on, and then closing the
door correctly.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Thanks! That sounds right.

Sorry about the runaround. You will get credit even if I hire a tech to do it.

But first I want to go home and try it myself. I may have questions after I begin.
Yes no problem, sometimes chat can be difficult as miscommunication is easy to do when just typing to a customer! Thanks again!
Appliance Guru and other Appliance Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Hi Larry,
I hope my answer to your Appliance question on JustAnswer was helpful. Please rate my service so I know you're satisfied.


A.G.: Somewhere between OK and Excellent. I will know this afternoon after a technician examines it. Thanks again!


A.G.: The tech knew what to do--exactly what you advised. In addition, since the latch was so high, it struck the trim when he pulled it out. He had to use the leveling bolts to get the latch low enough to slip under the trim. I could not have managed that! Even harder was getting it back in position and returning it to the right height. But he got it all done and tested in a half hour, saving me extra charges, enough to pay you :-) The main benefit I received from your advice was to choose this tech over another who insisted the latch must be broken and had to be be replaced. If I had believed and selected him, it would have added a week or more to the wait and increased the price. So a hearty thank you from me for some EXCELLENT assistance!