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we have a KFCS22EVMS8 and we cant get the freezer drawer to

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we have a KFCS22EVMS8 and we can't get the freezer drawer to close. It will go 3 quarters of the way and then you have to shove it. I have removed everything and I have looked behind, but it does not appear anything is stuck. Please help. We have only had it for 8 months
Hello..It is my Pleasure To Be Working With You Today.From what you are describing..Either the basket is being installed backwards or the basket is not installed correctly to where you get the clearance when closing..From what you are explaining ..If the door closes without the basket..then you have a issue with basket clearance..
I see you have rated my answer to you as a negative rating..From what you described it sure looks like your problem is within the bottom drawer position..If you are able to do a few mechanical operations we can look at a few other possibilities..One being the slide rails of the bottom drawer..Click on the link below..Scroll down to page 3..You will notice the bracket that the freezer door is held on with..#13...Open the door..Remove bolts # XXXXX will be two on each side...This will remove the door completely..Now slide the drawer in look for where the drawer maybe hitting on the fridge body..If not then your problem is going to be within either the door alignment or the drawer slides are faulty..Post back..Let me know what you find out after removing the door..Thanks Bob CLICK HERE FOR LINK
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I will just call service and ask them to come and fix it. The drawer closes if I push it, and I'm not talented enough to start trying to figure out unscrewing bolts

Rose..If the drawer is hanging up..And the basket is not touching the body of the fridge..Then you have faulty Slide rails or the gear mechanism is hanging up..Which in most cases can easily be replaced..Also please remember to rate my question as to the content of information pertaining to your problem rather than if you are able to fix the problem yourself at "OK" or better so that i may be credited through the system for my time helping you today..If you do have any further questions i will be standing by..Thank You Bob
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