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I have a GE Washing Machine Model #WSRE5260D1WW. The washing

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I have a GE Washing Machine Model #WSRE5260D1WW. The washing machine will no longer finish a wash cycle. The once the light above the wash time goes out, the machine stops. The rinse light does not come on. I can manually reset the machine and it will finish the cycle if I select "quick rinse". So, the rinse and spin cycles do work, you just have to select them after the wash stops prematurely.

Hello..It is my Pleasure To Be Working With You Today.Sorry you are having this problem..On this model if the light is going out..Not finishing the cycle then unfortunately the main control needs to be replaced..If the lights were staying on and the unit was not going into the spin cycle then we would normally look towards the lid switch..Since you are saying the light is going out..This means the control board is faulty.CLICK HERE FOR PART



Customer: replied 4 years ago.

If this is a duplicate, please ignore: When I opened up the control panel area I discovered a control self diagnostic guide. I tried it twice and both times it gave the same error code: "slow pump" Is it possible that the pump needs to be replaced instead?

Does the water drain completely from the washer..?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

No. When the machine stops the cloths are soaking wet and there is usually a small amount of water left in the bottom basket. And I'll update a statement that I made earlier: I stated previously that I was able to finish the cycle by resetting and selecting "quick rinse" I just tried that unsuccessfully. It stopped that cycle prior to spin. I was able to reset and select spin only and the remainder of the water was pumped out and the close are spun dry.

Ok so if you reset it and the water was pumped out..This means the drain pump works..The problem is power getting to the pump at the right time..Which would be the computer control.Next time this happens..try lifting the lid a couple of times with the washer set to the on position ..If the washer begins again then your problem is within the lid switch..It is a safety feature..The washer will not spin unless the lid is closed.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Yes, the pump does work. I guess the question is does it work fast enough, or not. I believe that the safety switch works fine...every time I put it on "spin only" it will wind up just fine. If I open the door, it stops, if I close the door it resumes. So, I guess it comes down to whether the controller is faulting out thinking that the pump is "slow", or if the pump can actually fail due to pumping too slowly?

Yes the impeller can be damaged on the pump..When the rum is full there is more water pressure on the pump.
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