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I have a Kenmore Elite H4. When the door is closed after a

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I have a Kenmore Elite H4. When the door is closed after a cycle it keeps running with no lights on. If we unplug and play around with it we can get it to start a cycle. Other wise we push the buttons and the control board lights up but will not time or use heat. Just air.
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If the unit keeps running while it has finished the cycle and does not heat there is a good chance the main control board is bad. The relay on the board may be stuck shut and the reason why it keeps running. The board also controls the heat functions as well so it is likely causing all of your issues. Here is a link to the part. Just copy and paste the entire link below into your address bar. All you need to do is remove the back top cover screws, slide the top back and off. Remove the screws over the tin cover on the left side that covers the board and remove and replace it.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

So I only need the control board? Not the whole control panel? Sometimes when we unplug the dryer it will re-set and work for a couple loads.


Ok if the lights are going out on the panel and you just fiddle around with them you may need an interface board. First get at the relay board and you will see 2 ribbon style cables going to it, sometimes just unplugging these and plugging them back in may fix your issue. If that is what is happening the relay board could be bad or not making good connection at those small pins where the ribbon cable plugs into the relay board. I would try that first before spending any money on parts.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Ok so if that doesn't fix then try ordering the control board?

I have seen both the pin joints on the relay go bad and the ribbon cable itself go bad...more often it is the pin joints on the relay board so I would lean that way especially if it starts to work a little better after unplugging the ribbon cable and replugging it back into the relay board.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

So after unplugging the ribbon cables and replugging it back, if I still have the problem I should then order the control board? I just want to make sure to order the right part if that does not fix my problem.

If you unplug them and plug them back in and the problem is not any better at all....I would order an interface board at that point not the control board. Here is a link to them you have to pick the color. Now these parts are 100% returnable even after installation so you do not have to worry that bad.
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