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Hi, I have an Miele Advanta and it runs about 5-7 minutes

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I have an Miele Advanta and it runs about 5-7 minutes then continuously beeps and six lights are flashinf. The intake/drain light is off. What do you think? Is there a way to isolate the problem with fault codes. If so, how do you read them-I have a list.

Jon : Does it completely fill with water at start of cycle then start to wash then stop five minutes later?
Jon : what lights are flashing?


Jon : Most times if the machine completely fills the stops after it starts to wash it is the circulation pump that is failing to pressurize the water. And fails to send it to the wash arms.

6 lights are flashing

Jon : There is a tool Miele can give you to in jam the circ pump. And if that doesn't help you will need to replace the pump.
Jon : Get back to me here when you have a minute and I'll walk you through some steps. And hopefully we can quickly and cheaply fix your dishwasher.

Ok, I'll chick that out but we always rinse food off the plates before loading-what else would jam the pump?

Jon : What lights are flashing?

all lights except the input/drain and the rinse lights 6 in all


I can do this tomorrow-does the dishwasher have to be taken out from under the counter to fix this pump problem?

Jon : Soap glass and pieces of food can cause the jam. It's common. Even if you are completely rinsing the dishes. Sometimes if the dishwasher is not in use for extended periods of time like weeks or months the sediment in the pump can coagulate and dry up and cause the pump to jam as well. So if you don't use it that often I recommend running an empty load once a month to clean out the dishwasher.

It sounds like the pump is working-lots of rumbling and splashingfrom the unit

Jon : All lights except intake drain lit is a pump failure.
Jon : What happens when you clear the lights and hit cancel? Does it drain water out?

ok, should I remove the unit from the cabinet?

Jon : Not yet. But we may have to in a minute.

No, I have to shut the unit off to stop the beeping but the it's draining while I do this. I shut the unit off at the breaker a couple of times and then it worked but not anymore


I gues you're asking if there is water in the bottom-no it's empty

Jon : I'm going to to have to feed my four month old in a minute and will have to stop for about 39-45 minutes. Is that ok? Clear the current cycle and try powering off the machine at the circuit breaker for ten mins. Then power it back on. And try another cycle. And I will come back here in a few.

great-I have to fix dinner for my gang-I'll leave the computer on this page

Jon : okay. Thank you.
Jon : Ok. I'm back. And I am just seeing now that you said when the dishwasher fails it is draining, is that correct?
Jon : if the drain pump is running while the error comes on with out you hitting the cancel or drain button then It has activated the flood switch and thinks the water is leaking into the drain pan below the dishwasher.
Jon : Especilaly if when you power the dish back on the drain pump is still running.
Jon : If now after reseting the board by keeping the power off for ten minutes the error still comes back then I would take the dishwasher out and tilt it back ag about a 45 degree angle. First out some towels down on the floor to catch the water.
Jon : If you get water then keep it tilted until you don't see a y more water coming out. Then put I back and let it sit unused for about a day or two to dry the rest of the water out if the drain pan.
Jon : Then put the dishwasher back into another regular cycle and try to do a load again. If it runs through with out stopping the. You are good to go. If not and the error comes back and the dishwasher stops after a couple of minutes call Miele at 1-800-999-1360 a d ask the rep for the circulation motor hook tool. They will know what you are referring to and ship it out to you. And probably for free. If they give you any troubles get back to me here and I'll send it to you.
Jon : The part will come with simple instructions and will show you how to use the tool to in jam the circulation pump tool.
Jon : This should free up the circulation motor. If the error comes back change the circulation motor. You can also order parts through meile number above.
Jon : Please let me know how you do. Thanks n
Jon : Please remember to rate my performance positively below this chat with ok service or better rating if you feel that I have helped you. And if you still have more questions please just come back to me here at any time and I will help you more for no additional charge.
Jon : And if you have more questions after positively rating me please come back here and I will help you more for no additional charge.
Jon : Please let me known how you make out. Thanks.



Dinner took longer than I thought. You have some excellent ideas so I'll try them tomorrow. I'll get back to you with the result. How do I do that? I'll leave this window open.



Jon : You are very welcome for the help. That is what I am here for. After you positively rate me now with ok service or better rating you can bookmark this website and page to your favorites An can quickly and easily come back to me here any time you need me.
Jon : You will always be able to get back in touch with me here. So just log back in with the username and password XXXXX created when registering and come back to me here. And like I said above, after you rate me now, you can always come back to me here and we will continue where we left off. And I will continue helping you for no additional charge.
Jon : Thanks and please let me know what happens when you try my suggestions.

Hello Jon, I'm back


I pulled the unit out of the cabinet and dried everything out. When you refer to the pan under the washer do you mean where the area where the drain pump is?


I cleaned that all out and the drain pump impeller turns freely. I put a fan in there overnight. It seemed very dry. Alas-same problem. The circulation pump seems to be working water is flying all over the inside and there is not much water (maybe 1/2 cup) of water where the drain pump is after I open it. The drain pump does run continuously while the 6 lights flash and it beeps. Could that float switch you talked about be bad? Where is it?

Jon : Hello again
Jon : ok. So if the drain pan under the machine is dry, and yes where the drain pump is, and yet you still get all the lights flashing then yes. Change the main motor.
Jon : I would also change the door latch.
Jon : When you get the error you have gotten since the motor and door lock and latch are all on the same circuit it is recommended to change them both.
Jon : If the door is completely closing and the dish is filing with water and then starts to wash then stops change the motor and latch.
Jon : It can often sound like the pump is circulating and working fine but not disposing the water properly. It happens often.
Jon : You can get parts through Miele directly at www. Or by calling them directly at 1-800-999-1360. That will go directly to their customer service department. Then just ask for the parts department. And ask for the circulation motor and door lock. They will know exactly what you are referring to. And will send it right out to you
Jon : Then just call a service tech out to you to install it. On this machine it is a pain in the neck to do by yourself. And when you order the parts in your own you will save money.
Jon : Please get back to me here if you have any other questions or troubles and I'll help you more.
Jon : Thanks



Will do and I'll get back to you




Ouch!!! I just called Miele and they want $572.68 for the circulation motor. I'm going to have to think about that I'll get back to you

Jon : Please also remember to positively rate my performance if you feel that I have helped to answer your questions. And please remember that you pay for an answer and not the fix of the machine. But I will do everything in power to help you get parts to fix the machine. If you have any other questions after positively rating me please come back to me here and I will help you more for no additional charge.
Jon : Thanks.
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