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My Kenmore refrigerator model 559662822200 isnt defrosting.

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My Kenmore refrigerator model 559662822200 isnt defrosting. Need t know where the timer is located, or is it a bi metal switch that turns the defroster heater on? I can test their opwration I think, if I can just find them! Behind the black metal panel on the back, or in the freezer or frif compartment...?
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Remove the back freezer panel. The defrost thermostat is clamped to the upper right corner of the evaporator and has two wires going to it. You have to have the panel off in the freezer to get at it. Likely it is bad or the heater is burned out. The timers typically never go bad so check the defrost thermostat first. You can see the heater clamped to the bottom of the evaporator. One lead goes to the thermostat and the other should go to neutral. So you should be able to unplug it to test the heater for continuity as well.
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