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Hello Kelly, I work on this stuff just not this unit? How do

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Hello Kelly, I work on this stuff just not this unit? How do I replace the main board? Can't figure out how to take it apart?

Thanks for using this service. Please be logged in to rate my assistance when we are done. Rating 3-5 is good, but 1-2 is bad so talk with me first. If you want to replace the main CCU board(#40) You need to remove the 3 screws on the back edge of the top. The top lid will slide backwards and come off. The CCU board in mounted to the right side cabinet and basically has a lock clip release tab that you need lift up to get the board to slide out. Now if you are looking to replace the interface board. remove the top as described and remove the 2 corner screws, then remove the dispenser drawer and the 2 screws in there. Once they are removed you need to pry the top edge of the plastic console up to release the lock tabs. If you look on the backside of the console towards the bottom edge you can see a lock tab between the metal console bracket where the plastic console meets. Get a small screws driver and push down on that and the console will release and should all come out. There are basically 3 top tabs, a bottom tab and 2 side tabs that hold it in place. Lastly if you want to replace the Motor Control Board remove the bottom panel screws along the very bottom edge, the panel will slip down and off. Once off the MCU is on the left side. There is a lock tab that you need to lift up and the MCU will slide out of the slot and off. Remove the wires and replace it. That is how you do all three boards. All I ask is that you rate my assistance thank you!




Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Can you send picture of the Main board on right side facing unit and show the correct tabs? I know it is a pain but I just don't want to break nothing! Thanks

Yes let me see what I can do one sec
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Picture is WWWAAYY to small to see? can ya help?

Go to the link below. Enlarge the images. See the two tabs at the top outside edges. Those pry up then the board slides off in the slots right there. There may be a lock screw in the small holes by the two lock tabs...but those two tabs just pry up or slip a putty knife or flat blade screwdriver under them to release and slide the board off the slots. Copy and paste the entire link below into your address bar to get to the pics.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

OK I'm dumb on this puter!! How do you copy and paste this? Hold down the left mouse button and scroll over the entire link above until all is blue...keep the cursor on the blue and then release the left button and click the right button and highlight COPY and click it.....then go to the address bar. Click on any of the letters in the address bar with the left mouse button and all should highlight in the bar....then click on the right mouse button and select paste click it and hit ENTER it should go right to the link

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I have the part and I was talking about the tabs to have those pictures? If you want to call me 1- XXX-XXX-XXXX. We can get this wrapped up soon! Thanks for your time, Robert

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