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I have a 1985 frontier motorhome it has a propane, 12v, 110

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I have a 1985 frontier motorhome it has a propane, 12v, 110 domentic rm7836 refrigerator in it. It gurgles but does not cool. How and what do you add to give it more liquid coolant in it. or is it cheaper to buy a fefab.Can I do it or does it have to be done by an expert

Jon :


Jon :

My name is XXXXX XXXXX I am an authorized Dometic service tech and I can help you today.

Jon :

Is this on electric or gas when it gives you the gurgling?

Jon :

or does it gurgle all the time?

Jon :

If it is gas that you need, recharging the unit can become very expensive. And to be honest with you, If there is a leak in the system, that could cause the gurgling in the first place, if you recharge the ref it could last only a couple of months or it couple last a couple of years.

Jon :

Just want you to know that before doing anything.

Jon :

If you are interested or just have more questions please get back to me here and I will help you more.

Jon :


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Thank you for the positive rating. It is greatly appreciated.

First thing that needs to be done here is get someone in to see if you have a leak in the system or if it is just restricted and causing the gurgling. Most companies will charge a reasonable service charge to come out to you just to check it out. And most will credit the charge towards the price of repair, if being done. But if this machine is as old as the motor home then you should seriously think about saving the money you would spend on having it repaired and just buy another, more energy efficient ref.

Since this is gurgling and is not cooling you most likely have a sealed system issue. And on these machines it can get costly to repair. Even charge the freon. Which you can't do unless you have experience and a license to do so. There are many laws and regulations you have to follow now when recovering and working with refrigerants. The EPA has become very crazy about this sort of thing.

You cant just dump old coolant out and replace it with new gas. And the gas has become very expensive as well.

In my opinion, if this machine is gurgling and is not cooling at all, I would get a newer more energy efficient one. You can find many on line or at your local distributor. Just look for one that fits your needs and space in the motor home.

Please get back to me here again fi you have more questions about this machine and I will help you more for no additional charge.

Thanks again.