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Hi, I have a Jenn Air S176 that does not heat inside the oven.

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I have a Jenn Air S176 that does not heat inside the oven. When the "bake" button is pressed, several light clicks are heard. After the temp is set, the relays click-but as soon as the elements are attempting to heat, everything turns off, only the clock is displayed. I used to be able to press "bake" 3 times (if pressed more often than that, no relay would click) and then the oven worked. After a while, I had to press "bake" 20 times to make it work, now it won't work at all. I replaced the relay board, part Y04100260, and the same thing still happens. What do I need to do to repair the oven? Also, if I would like to replace the burners (heating way slower than they used to), what part numbers can be used (newer flat top elements compatible with this old thing?)?
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You have a bad clock control. That was very common for that issue on that model Jenn Air. Here is the part number Y04100262. ALso here is a link to all the cartridges you can get for your unit.Just copy and paste the link below into your address bar. Please rate my assistance and bonuses are greatly appreciated!
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks for the assistance; is what's happening that the "bake" button in this case isn't making enough contact on the Y04100262 control board to close the relay that I can hear clicking on the Y04100260 board-(original part or new replacement))

That unit uses a touchpad that inputs to the clock then the clock sends a signal to the relay board. Hopefully there is nothing wrong with the touchpad since it is no longer available, but normally ti is always the clock that gives the issue.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks again-I will install the part you mentioned and then rate the answer. After replacing the relay board, I didn't want to continue throwing parts at the unit without professional input. Still have no idea how the controls could be wired that the touchpad is okay and the clock is messed up preventing the oven from turning on(: A good reason to stick with automotive repair rather than appliance repair, I guess.

Do all the buttons appear to work ok when pressed and the unit starts to go then stops? If so yes the clock is bad. If the buttons do not respond at all you may have a bad touchpad.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Yes, the buttons do all appear to work, at least a tone sounds when pressing them, as I recall. The problem I'm experiencing progresses as listed: 1. Press bake. 2. Red --- appears, then the temp shows when the knob is turned. 3. After waiting several seconds after the temp is set, or pressing bake again. 4. Relay clicks, then the red temp disappears. 5. Range display looks as if I never tried to turn it on....and of course no heating is going on in the oven.

Replace the clock