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Randy 43
Randy 43, Home Appliance Technician
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LG 2016CW washer, first noticed a balance problem in spin.

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LG 2016CW washer, first noticed a balance problem in spin. Wife said she thought smelled burning. Ran washer through tub clean cycle, OE came up on display at end of cycle. The door would not open with the OE flashing Opened front cleanout door and began to remove lint filter. Water started pouring out. Found parts of a grooved plastic ring in the filter. I allowed the water to drain then door opened. pump gone ?, Was the broken plastic a washer that surrounds tub ? is it fixable or should I get a new washer?

Randy 43 :

Hello, my name is XXXXX XXXXX iam happy to help you with your question today..does the pieces that you found look like they may be from the tub cover? pic below ..have you checked anything else ? possibly the shocks or upper springs broken ? the tub cover shouldnt crack on its own ,something caused it to crack

Randy 43 :

Cover,tub MCK67291503 Main Product View
Full Size Image


the smaller rings look similar, I rotated the tub manually and hear a rubbing sound. The unit had begun to "walk" acreoss the floor after spin cycles. Why did the unit not drain after the tub clean cycle? Is this danaged part the cause or are there other issues?

Randy 43 :

the tub wouldnt drain if you had those pieces in the drain pump causing the blockage , if there is a obstruction the drain impeller cant push the water out , if your machine was walking prior to the pieces falling out ,that would indicate a suspension problem ,IE shocks ,springs ,counter balance weight cracked or broken . Depending on the age of the washer ,just replacing the tub cover is a fairly big job , the whole front of the machine has to come off ,there is a possibility that the the seal in between the two halves also needs to be replaced , the front boot couldve suffered a tear with the tub cover coming apart . if you get that fixed then you need to address why the tub cover broke in the first place ? you may need to get shocks or springs , if the machine is getting up there in age, 8-10 yrs it may be cheaper to buy new than to incure costly repairs ..front loaders with tub problems are always extensive repairs

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