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I have a smart drive 601 model No GW 609NZ. When I try and

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I have a smart drive 601 model No GW 609NZ. When I try and run a wash cycle it tries to fill with water for about a second or two, then stops, it repeats this about three times then stops and beeps madly and I have to switch it off to reset it. If I fill the tub with water from a bucket, it pumps it out OK. The tub tries to roatate a small amount but does not spin on the spin cycle, when full of water (but no clothes) it just pumps the water out.
What do you think the likely problem is?
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You need to put it into diagnostic mode,

1. Turn the power on at the power point and off at the console.
2. Press and hold the WASH TEMPERATURE DOWN then press the POWER button. The
machine will give 2 short beep
3. Using the SPIN SPEED UP button press it until the Slow and Hold LEDS areboth lit.

Now across the progress lights....from left to right tell me which ones are 8th, 5th, 3rd, 1st....
Customer: replied 4 years ago.


When I hold down the Temp down and also the power, it only bleeps once, then every single light comes on for about 2 secs, then all go off except for two on the wash cycle (the one above short wash and the one to the left to it) No 4 & 5 from the left and the 'low water level' light is on


With all the lights off. Press the Wash temp Down button and hold it then press the Power Button. It should beep twice...does it?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I've tried it again and 'no', it only beeps once, then as I said all except those three lights mentioned go off.

Ok watch this video for your model and see if you can get it into diagnostic mode. This covers all of the models.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

OK I have watched the video, the machine in the vid is an eco smart, so not quite the same as a smart drive (no idea if this matters). They say to hold wash temp down button and power button as you suggested, and the 'low water LED' goes on, as they say. Then they say press the spin speed up 3 times and LEDS low, slow and hold should go on. I only get the low LED as before and lights 4 & 5 as before on the wash cycle.

So I don't think I am into diagnostic mode yet

If you can not get it into diagnostic mode and you are sure you are doing it correctly...then the controller is bad. They had a lot of problems with them and they do go bad. That would explain all the issues that you are having as well.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

ok, weirdly, although I never got the 2 beeps, I do seem to be in diagnostic mode, as I can test the hot and cold inlet valves and turn the pump on and off using the spin and temp buttons (I have also found the manual online) but not sure how to find out why it is not filling by itself/ how to I test the water level diagnostic?

You need to get the fault codes up. The unit will not fill or partially fill for a lot of reasons. You have to get to the fault code stored list.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

OK, so if the lights are showing the correct fault the binary numbers are



or according to the scoring

32+8+2+1 = 43


does that make sense?

43. (00101011) OOB Switch Fault
The Motor Controller Module has found that the signal returning from the out of balance switch
indicates that the switch is permanently on or the harness to it is disconnected.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

OK, got there in the end...I guess I start by looking at this. It does sound like the motor control module is also a bit dodgy doesn't it? I guess it might be worth changing this if it continues to cause probs? Thanks for your help...

Yes normally when that code comes up its a bad board in the end. All I ask is that you rate my assistance thank you!
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