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I have a Bosch NEM935 UC/01 cooktop. None of the burners have

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I have a Bosch NEM935 UC/01 cooktop. None of the burners have ever heated properly on it. It takes forever to boil water. It's like the elements turn off and on (cycle) too often to ever get things hot enough.
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It would be odd that all the burners are doing it, but there is only a couple things that can cause this. You may have a couple bad surface element switches. They control the element and will turn it on and off depending on what setting you have it on. Secondly you could have bad burner sensors, which will also cut the element out. The odd issue is that you are saying all of them are not working, which typically leads to a cooking pan issue. If you are using a cast iron or a cheap pan that can be the cause of long boil times as certain pans do not transmit heat that great on a glass top unit. So I would start there first as I do not think you could have all of them be bad as that would not be very probable.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Sorry it took awhile to get back to you. I did a little experiment. There are 5 burners. I put 4 cups of water in a pan and tested how long it took each burner to boil water. I cooled the pan between tests and no lid was placed on the pan during warm up. It took the burners 5,7,7,7 and 6 minutes to boil the 4 cups of water. That doesn't seem bad to me. How about you? I do know that when we cook for large groups and we have a large pot of something like corn on the cob to boil, it just takes forever and ever...and almost won't boil without a lid on it. We have had electric cooktops in the past, but never felt they took as long to cook with. Thoughts?

It seems that they are working ok. Note that a large pot for corn will take awhile. On my GE stove top it will struggle to boil water without a lid on it as well. Some of the burners just can not output enough heat to get it done fast enough, but I do not think at this point there is anything wrong with the unit. You would just need a better unit with Halogen burners to do a better job heating.
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