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How to remove the center agitator to clean lint on Matag Performa

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How to remove the center agitator to clean lint on Matag Performa Model PAVT244AWW?..Also how do I replace self leveling back legs-they are rusted
Hi, my name is Farrell & I will be helping you with your problem today. Thanks for your question, it is appreciated. Concerning agitator removal. The top of the agitator by rocking back and forth will come off. Next, look down inside once cap is removed. There is a bolt in there that has to be removed with a socket and extension. If you don't see the bolt, then there is a cover in there you will have to remove also. Once bolt is removed, pull up with pressure and remove. As for the rear leveling legs. You need to get behind and push forward and prop against the wall. Using probably wd40 spray both legs and use a channel lock to try to break loose. These legs push in from the bottom and go into a support bar, and twist to lock them in place. I am sending you a picture on what the rear legs look like; PAVT244AWWytag-Parts/Washer-Parts/Model-PAVT244AWW/3048/0153200/M0604166/00006?blt=06&prst=0&shdMod=PAVT244AWW

This is sears website, you will need to order parts 20,21,22,23 if you can't free them. Hope this helps, and thanks. Smile
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks so much, Had never gotten that far on the agitator. Will try that.

Secondly, on the rear legs ?? are they easy to replace?

I found the replacement parts.

As far as the machine vibrating violently on spin.

Do you suppose it is the rear legs being unbalanced or the perhaps the snubber ring.

Examined under tub and had some white shavings but not a whole lot.

When push on tub from above it comes back to center except for 1 side. It does not come back to center.

Which should I do 1st..or do both? I think the machine is about 8 years old.


Many thanks

Hi CP Johnson, Thanks for your reply. As I stated earlier, you will have to tip the machine forward to get to the self leveling legs. I sent you a picture of what the assy. looks like. Your main big thing is to get them loosened up with wd40 so that you can remove them and replace. Once you have the new parts in, the back legs are self leveling. You only have to use a level to adjust the front legs. The white shavings, are a bit of wear from snubber ring. Get the leg thing done first, and then see how the machine reacts. If no improvement, you may have to tear into the bottom pulley area, a bit of a job, to say the least. If the machine is a bit off level, then the tub is going to be off too. Hope this helps and thanks. Smile
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Hi, thanks for letting me help you, it is appreciated.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks, the back leg w-40 did the trick, Have not tried the agitator removed for the filter. Thanks bunches

Hi again, you are welcome, have a good afternoon.