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My large chest deep freezer keeps tripping a breaker. The freezer

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My large chest deep freezer keeps tripping a breaker. The freezer is old (over 10 years). Could it be age? Dirt behind the freezer? An issue with the wiring?
Hello, my name is Rick

I will assist you today in diagnosing your freezer giving you trouble. Can you please provide me with the model number of your unit so I can take a look at the parts breakdown and the wiring diagram, so that I might lead you to the problem faster.

When the unit trips are you hearing any noises before that or are you tripping immediately?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
All I can tell you is that it is a GE - I inherited it with my house. It is at least 10 yrs old. When I open the door there is a very loud popping sound and the breaker trips.
It sounds like your door switch has gone bad, this is definetly a easy repair for you, but we will need the model number of the unit. There should be a tag on the unit, either inside on the wall, some are behind the kickplate at the bottom and others are behind the unit but very rare. If you can get me the model number I can get you the part number to replace. Like I said from what you told me it would be a waste not to fix this
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I have reset the breaker, but now there is no power to the freezer. Is it possible that this was terminal and we need to buy a new one.


(The last time I opened the lid and it popped - there was also a strange smell.)

You can unplug the unit remove the cover on the control and see if you see any burnt wires, you can also remove the door switch, most likely what hapen was the wire shorted and arced against the unit. find that bad wire you most likely will be able to repair this. It is definetly worth the time to try.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks a bunch - I will relay the information to my husband!!

Please let me know if you find the wire, or need any more help, I dont think you at the end just yet though
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