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In 1999 in Markham Ontario, we purchased a Dacor Dual-Fuel

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In 1999 in Markham Ontario, we purchased a Dacor Dual-Fuel Range (Model RSD308, Serial No. FD8420405) from Enbridge. Several days ago its electric oven stopped working although the gas burners continue to work fine. Symptoms: The clock cannot be set, the panel lights blink erratically, showing various single-digit numbers, but the oven does not respond to controls.
History: The range has been working well until now. In 2001 the front panel cover started developing a crack that showed some melting and Dacor local technicians replaced it at the end of 2002 when it became severe (Dacor Customer Service, managed by Rep John Adrians); throughout this incident, the range continued to work properly. Perhaps a year ago a minor crack began to develop in the panel again, but, as before, the stove continued to work correctly up to now; that crack is still very minor, much less severe than the one that had developed before. In 2002, when Dacor replaced that cracked front panel cover, they were aware of this tendency of the plastic panel to crack, and said that they would be in to replace it when a redesigned replacement panel became available. We have been well pleased with both the range and Dacor's service and want to have the oven repaired. Many thanks.
Hello, and thank you for using this service. I'll be helping you with your problem today.

So I'm very sorry to hear about your problem with the oven. You are correct that the control panel used to fail really often with less than just a couple years of use when these ovens first came out. At this point, they re-designed the plastic to a more durable material, but after 10 years or so it can still fail. That is completely understandable as older appliances will always fail due to use and heat expansion and such. The problem is that you'll now need to have the touchpad and control panel replaced once again to fix your problem. You can try to turn the circuit breaker off or unplug the oven for 60 seconds to see if the electronics will reset, but if none of the buttons respond still, the touch control panel would need to be replaced. The cost to have this part replaced is usually about $450 however I will warn you.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.


The essential information for me is whether or not the control panel needs replacing. Is it useful to know that the first message/number/code that flashed up on the panel window was 060?



Originally, I turned off the power to the range for about an hour, and then turned it back on. The behavior of the range did change (lights stopped flashing, and clock now works), but the essential problem of the oven's not working did not. I did take out the oven element and checked it (with a multimeter), and it is fine.


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