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i have a GE side by side frig/freezer model GsL25JFXN LB. Water

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i have a GE side by side frig/freezer model GsL25JFXN LB.
Water keeps running out the bottom of the freezer door because it fills up in the inside bottom of freezer. this happens because the drain pipe below the coils works its way up out of its socket and then the defrost cycle water won't go out the drain and pours over the little sill into bottom of freezer and then leaks out bottom of freezer door. I have defrosted it several times and pushed the drain pipe back down in its hole again, only to have the same thing happen again every few months... How can I get that drain pipe to stay in its socket? Glue, epoxy, what?

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This keeps poping up inside the freezer ? Drain Hose WR02X11476      Main Product View

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

No that doesn't look like it. All I can see is the top of the drain pipe (just the opening) It only works its out about 1/4 to 3/8 of an inch,but that is enough to not let the water from coils drain out. It just freezes up again and then the water spills over the little ditch below the drain pipe opening an into bottom of freezer.


okay well thats actually the whole tube and it snakes down under the freezer section. What ai would do is get some waterproof bathroom cauking is put a bead around the tube where it comes through into the freezer. I've never seen one of these do that so I dont know why its happening accept maybe they didint seal it at the factory correctly. the tube is number 225 on this diagram,
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I think you are right, it probably was not sealed correctly at the factory and took a few years to work its way loose. I have not tried waterproof bathroom caulk. Hope that works. Replacing tube would not solve problem I guess. I just defrosted it again and tube was actually about 1/2 inch up out of hole, pushed up by ice buildup around tubes flange-type lip at opening. Has about a 1/8 lip on it, so I will try and caulk beneath the lip. Is that what you are suggesting?

well the funny thing about this tube is its not connected to anything like most are. most have a clamp that clamps undernieth to the body odf the refrigerator somewhere, this one has nothing holding it. ???? weird. and yes just run a bead around the lip and hopefully it will cure in the cold. you may want to check lowes for a cold weather cauking.
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Yeah, I thought maybe a clamp or something fell off below the freezer. Seems pretty dumb to just have that tube hanging there. Hope the caulk holds. thanks for your help

your very welcome. yeah they really are getting cheap with these nowdays. hopefully it will fix the issue. it looks like the funnel shape of the top of the tubeis like a compression type fit and is supposed to old the tube , Duh that doesnt work ! have a great night and thanks. Bryan