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I have a Maytag model MFI2568AEW SER #12522909LR . The first

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I have a Maytag model MFI2568AEW SER #12522909LR . The first problem, about 3 months ago was the milk in the door compartment was freezing. Next the control panel became inoperative making clicking noises and flashing and we couldn't get water or ice out of the refrigerator door dispenser. This has reoccurred several times, going away on it's own. In addition to these issues, the right dehydrator is freezing vegetables, so we turned the refrigerator up to 40 degrees, but we still have frozen carrots in the dehydrator. Now the left door water dispenser leaks water when the panel is set to "water". Is there anything that we can do without having a service call?

Hello, Thank you for using this service, I will be helping you with your problem today

How long have you had this refrigerator? since this is having some many issues the issue is most likely the main control board, the main control board has relays that run everything. when refrigerators have multiple problems like yours is the chances of 3-4 different things going bad around the same time are rare at best. its usually the control. this is an expensive part around $240.00 it would probably be best to have a tech look at this or you can try the board, theres no way to test the boards unfortunately. as you can see by this wiring diagram everything goes back the board. these are a horror show to trace issues with.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I can't find my invoice for the refrig. I beleive it was bought 4-5 years ago. I understand that you feel the panel needs to be replaced at $240 plus service labor. Having looked on line at complaints about this refrigerator, the panel is the biggest issue. One reporter cited an 880 panel part back order. As I am writing the control panel is flashing on and off, the ice dispenser door is opening and closing and a whirring noise is going on and off in sync with the flashing lights. My wife reports that this has occurred several times in the past, sometimes lasting for hours. It has so far corrected itself in time.

Yes the control is a major issue on these and that's why I'm mentioning it to you, the problem is you really can't test it because its electronic and there are no tests for this particular type of board. 98% of the time it is the control. Here is the best thing to do, this link I am about to give you is through a company that will let you return the board even if you install it and it didn't solve your problem although I'm pretty confident, so basically you have nothing to lose if you want to install this yourself. Well maybe the shipping but that is your best bet at this point if you wanna try and repair this yourself, here is the link. they allow returns no questions asked, I hope this helps, thanks and very best wishes, Bryan
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I would like to attempt the repair. I am fairly handy and I and I make loudspeakers for a hobby, so I am familiar with electronic wiring. How would I take off and replace the panel? I don't see any screws or tabs. Are there any tricks?

Okay well the main control board is not located in the door if that's what you're looking for, what is in the door is controlled by the main control board located in the back of the refrigerator down by the compressor, its number 13 on this diagram and it is inside a box. The board you are thinking about is located in the dispenser itself but that's not the main control board that's the user interface, That's not the one that causes this issue . I hope this information helps, thanks and best wishes, Bryan
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