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Randy 43
Randy 43, Home Appliance Technician
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I have a GE Spectra electric range. The model number is:

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I have a GE Spectra electric range. The model number is: JBP35WB5WW. I have two issues, both of which I believe are caused by a faulty infinite switch. If facing the range the burners in question are to the right side. The front burner is the larger 8 inch while the back burner is the smaller 6 inch. The back burner, when turned on, stays on high only. The large burner was working fine until I replaced the KIT SURF TERM BLOCK. One of the wires was exposed, which I did not see when I installed it, and it shorted out when turned on. Thereafter, the indicator light would not turn off even when switched completed off and the burner does not shut down. I believe this, too is the infinite switch and I probably shorted it out when I installed the KIT SURF TERM BLOCK. The problem is when ordering the parts from GE it shows tow different infinite switches? One is 1500W and the other is 2600W? It does not say right, left, front, back, large, small? When looking at the diagram for the parts they are both identified as being the infinite switch, without any mention of one being 1500W or 2600W? I am just guessing here, but is the 2600W for the large, 8 inch burner and then the 1500W is for the small, 6 inch burner? I had already placed an order for the NF SW CNTL 1500W, not having seen I had another choice. I am guessing I inadvertently ordered the correct one fro the original problem, which was the smaller burner staying on high? So, does that mean I now need to order the INF SW CNTL 2600W to fix the larger burner not turning off issue? Nothing else makes sense to me. Thanks. Tom

Randy 43 :

Hello, my name is XXXXX XXXXX iam happy to help you with your question are on the correct path ,yes, you shorted the rf switch that is why the large indicator will not shut off ,the infinite switch for the small one is also defective ..1500 watt is the small element and 2600 is for the large element


Okay. So I already have the 1500W infinite switch on its way so now I will also need to order the 2600W infinite switch. Actually, I hate this range and plan on getting a gas range soon, but until then I would like to get this one working correctly and safely. So, 2600W switch is for the large burner and 1500W switch is for the small burner. It actually makes sense. Thank you.

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Both arrived. Installed both. Everything works perfectly now. Thanks for easing my mind on my chosen course of action.

good to hear , thx for using JA