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I have a GE Profile fridge, model # XXXXX bought 5/3/2007

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I have a GE Profile fridge, model # XXXXX bought 5/3/2007 w/5-yr extended warranty. Of course, it's no longer under contract. Temp inside shows Freezer at 15 or 16 (should be 0). I unplugged it, move it away from wall, cleaned any dust accumulation, wiped down door seals and replugged. It still shows 15 or 16 in freezer. I noticed it very 'warm' near door seals at top right/left of freezer. Is it a compressor problem?? Or is it the motherboard (no ticking heard)?

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the first thing to do is check your condenser fan. Condenser Fan Motor WR84X10055 Main Product Viewits down near the compressor. make sure thats running .

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I checked. The fan isn't moving. Should I unplug unit so as to not cause a fire?



well you can take a house fan and put it behind the refrigerator facing the compressor to help cool it for now. the fan probably needs replacing. try spinning the fan with your finger . does it start to move ?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

No, it didn't.


okay . I would replace the fan as soon as possible and in the meantime keep a house fan blowing on the compressor to cool it. heres a link to order the fan.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi again....was busy hooking up a house fan to cool condenser/compressor. I'm pointing the house fan at the coils where the little fan inside was point at. Is that correct??


Also, is this part something a do-it-yourselfer can do? Is it just plug out the old , and plug in the new??



yes thats correct. and yes you can change the fan yourself it plugs right in , its the same fan.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I'm not sure if its really working, but I peeked in the fridge and the Freezer temp is at 12, it was 16. So I should leave the fan on all night?? I have it now on a HIGH setting. I was thinking of dropping it to LOW for the overnight.


Also, the door edge around the top right & left of the freezer is now cooling down, it was very HOT before. The Left side was extremley hot, and the right side was hot. NOW: the left is luke warm, and the right seems to be cool.


Does this sound like what the problem is?? Can I go to an applliance parts store to get this tomorrow?? Or am I better to order it online??


I'm not sure any supply houses are open tomorrow but you can try its definitely working if the refrigerator is dropping in temp and its not as hot. the fan should stay behind there until you get a new fan. you can probably go to medium on the speed no problem. please remember to rate me 3 or above before signing off so I get credit for helping you. thanks, Bryan
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Good Afternoon. Well, pertaining to the previous questions about my GE fridge. I received the fan motor and replaced it in the unit. It didn't turn on, nor did the unit hold it temp in the freezer.


I had a small house fan hooked up to keep it the condensor cool. It ran from Saturday night the 27th all the way to yesterday afternoon (continously on LOW speed). I thought 'maybe' the condensor was so 'cool' from this fan running, that it didn't have the chance to signal the fan motor to kick in.


Now I placed the house fan back last night to avoid the temp spiking. I wondering if its the 'circuit board' now.


As you may remember, I don't have coverage on the unit anymore. And to be honest, I'm really trying to fix this myself, but I'm wondering if it's out of my league.




Yes unfortunately it sounds like the control board. this is $159.00 at the following link. we don't like to have people order that right away because of the cost and most of the time its the fan.