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Rick, Repair Guy
Category: Appliance
Satisfied Customers: 686
Experience:  25 years service experience as a technician. Experienced on both high end and regular appliances.
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Hi Doc, my Fridgidaire proffessional series fridge has been

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Hi Doc, my Fridgidaire proffessional series fridge has been making a layer of ice on the bottom of the freezer side. It keeps both temperatures ok. Both the freezer and the fridge side are the right temperatures but the ice layer continues to grow thicker each day. Any ideas.

repairguy :

Hello my name isXXXXX will assist you tonight

repairguy :

This is a very common problem on fridges,

repairguy :

What has happened is the drain plug for the freezer has plugged up

repairguy :

So now everytime the drain goes into defrost the water has no where to go

repairguy :

What you need to do is remove the food from the fridge, turn the fridge off

repairguy :

Then remove the rear panel,

repairguy :

I personally use a blow dryer to warm the ice, you will see the drain covered in ice all the way across the evaporator.

Customer: Hi Rick, why does the drain go into defrost if I don't deliberately defrost the it automatically defrosting? Also , Rick, where is the drain ?
repairguy :

once you get all the ice removed that you can see, I take a measuring cup and fill with water and heat up in the microwave. Then poor into drain area, give it a few minutes to melt the ice in the drain hole. Use a towel to remove the cool water and repeat

repairguy :

All fridges go through a defrost about every 8 to 12 hours so we dont have to defrost them manually

Customer: Do I remove the rear panel from the inside or the outside of the freezer.
repairguy :

After you see the water drain, I usually do one more round of warm water

repairguy :

From the inside

Customer: The drain hole is the only hole I see on the side of the wall of the freezer, right? Ok, if I pour the warm water into that hole on the side of the freezer wall, how will I be sure that there isn't a leak under the freezer area?
repairguy :

After you have the hole cleared I usually take a piece of wire about 6 inches long and pull the plastic cover off the wire and then wrap one end around the heater and the other end down the drain that will stop it from freezing again

repairguy :

Have you removed the rear panel

repairguy :

The drain is not on the side

Customer: No, I am not doing it right now, it is late and I must work early tomorrow , so I am learning first. I do not have another drain type hole anywhere visible on the freezer side. Are we talking about a drain on the fridge side?
repairguy :

No when you remove the rear panel you will see the evaporator, you should also see a large chunck of ice under that evaporator, under that ice there will be a drain hole.

Customer: Oh, no wonder I can't see the drain hole. Ok, I will write this down cuz I want to get it right tomorrow.
Customer: Now I am in the kitchen in front of this monster. The panel to remove tomorrow is pretty big... It looks like it has three sections....I imagine I must remove the whole thing?
repairguy :

If you will do me the favor of rating my answers, it would be greatly appreciated. Then tomorrow if you have any question just come back to this thread and ask anything you like, you will not be charged any extra

repairguy :

No just the start with the bottom one that should be the area you need to work on

repairguy :

This will all make more sense once you see the panel removed

Customer: That is really nice. Okay I will try it tomorrow when I come back from work, great, cuz the top panel is attached to the ice maker.....
repairguy :

No we wont worry about that panel. By tomorrow night all will be good , this works everytime.

Customer: Thank you!!!
repairguy :

Have a good evening if you need me tomorrow, feel free to ask

Customer: Thanks!!!!L
repairguy :


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