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Hello, The dryer on my Frigidaire Stacked washer / dryer stopped tumbling. It makes a noi

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Hello, The dryer on my Frigidaire Stacked washer / dryer stopped tumbling. It makes a noise as if it will begin then stops. It's sounds like a jolt then a humming noise. Please help me fix this problem.
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Open the door and see if you can rotate the drum manually. Let me know. Also can you get behind the unit?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

No, I can not rotate the drum.


Yes, I can get behind it.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

hello, are you there?


Ok likely the rear center ball and socket support has sheared off. If you get behind the machine look at the back center of the dryer. You will see a tab sticking out with a small round spot in the middle. It will probably have a bunch of black or brown dust on it. The unit may have been squeaking for awhile as the ball was getting worn through. Now it has fallen and you would need to replace it. Here is a video on the part and how to change it. Now on the stackable you need to remove the top screws and the front panel by removing the partition panel and the screws on the bottom edge of the console so you can flip down the console to get at the front panel mounting screws. Once the top is off you can get at the inside front panel mount screws to get the front panel off. Here is the link to the video. Just copy and paste the link below into your address bar. All I ask is that you rate my assistance thank you.

Did you get my Answer as I have not seen a rating yet. Thanks

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

yes, I got your answer but I'd like to fix it first before I apply my rating. I'm having a hard time removing the panel. Do you have any tutorials with a stackable machine?

You have to remove all the top panel permiter screws there are about 8 of them. Once the top is off remove the front separate partition panel between the dryer and washer (2 screws then lift it up to take it off). Once that is off remove all the screws on the metal panel so you can get it out of the way. Once that is off there are 2 small black corner screws and two larger screws that hold the front console on. Once those are off the console will come down and rock forward out so you can get at the front bottom corner panel screws. Once those are off get up to the top and remove the two inside panel screws then pop the front panel off. Then the rest is just like the video.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I think the lint trap is in the way of removing the panel. Do I remove the silver metal piece that was behind the font cover? It seams as though the drum is attached to the front panel. Is the drum attached to the front panel? I can see clips of some sort that coming from the panel rim and through the drum rim, is that right? How do I remove it?

The drum is not attached to the front panel. The entire front and lint duct will come off in one piece that is why you need the flat metal panel out of the way. There are only 4 screws that hold the front panel assembly in place. Two on the bottom corners and two on the top inside. There are guide retainers that line it up and keep it in place so once the screws are out just pop that front panel off and the drum will stay in the machine.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I finally got it off but the font panel had a plastic rim that had clips attached to the drum. It broke, that's how I was able to get it off. I unscrewed the bearing hitch before I removed the drum. It's hard to lift it off the bearing support. Can I use a rubber mallet to help jolt it loose?


You can but it is likely seized up. Take a flat bar and pry against the back lip of the tub and use the center frame edge as leverage to get the tub to pop out of the socket.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you Appliance Guru! It tumbles but now it only heats very hot. The other settings do not work. What do I do now? I can see the coil burning hot red through the back of the drum which I never seen before. I'm afraid something can catch on fire. Please help.

If the coil is glowing red hot you may have a restriction in the airflow or the seal where the duct seals to the blower is not sealing. If the air flow is restricted or the seal is bad the element will glow very red as air is not passing over it due to a restriction or bad seal.

Also we can continue no problem, but please rate my assistance.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Appliance Guru,


I found out that the heater coil was touching the metal housing causing it to ground and run hot. After I fixed that problem, it did not heat. I opened it again saw that the coil was broken so I replaced it. Now it is running hot again even though I know it is not grounding.


I noticed that the plastic insulation on some of the wires grouped together melted. I looks like it may be touching each other. Could that be the problem?


There is no restriction of air flow.


None of the other settings such as "Air Dry" is not working. There is only one temperature, hot.

Yes the wires could be shorted and keeping the heater on constantly for sure. Separate them and make sure they are not touching each other. It may have fused a timer contact or temp selector contact so when you have it on it is always heating.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

It melted so much when it was grounding that I cannot separate it. They are definitely fused together. They must sell these wires in groups with plug terminals, right? I can't imagine re-doing each wire individually then trying to establish a good connection at the terminal plugs. What are your thoughts?

Here are the two harnesses they sell. Go to to look at them the other one may not have a pic, but it is a door switch harness and has a large plug as well on it.