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I have a 30 " DACOR dishwasher model # XXXXX and the entire

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I have a 30 " DACOR dishwasher model # XXXXX and the entire upper rack is rusting through the coating and the prongs are coming off. It was purchased in 2009 and has been nothing but a serious problem. I have had to have it replaced, it never works the first time I try to run it and now the rack is rusting. It is no longer made and the charge for a new upper rack is $305.00 at a parts replacement center. What are my options from DACOR? I will never buy another DACOR dishwasher! It has been a SUPER LEMON!!!! And I Hate it!!!! But I now have a 30 " hole in my 35 year old heart pine cabinets, so none other will fit.

Also, one of the knobs on my cooktop, model # XXXXX will no longer light up blue when turned on. What to do ?

Thanks, Betty
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There are really not a lot of options from Dacor. They have discontinued the dishwasher and yes a lot of people had issues with it. You may be able to get Dacor to give you a discounted new one if you wish, but other than that you will be out of luck on any recourse for the dishwasher.

If the light will not light up on the cooktop you may have a bad or broken off indicator light behind the knob trim. It was very common for the indicator lights to break off the clear small round indicator and fall down inside the unit. Try to see if you can pop or pull the round indicator out. If it pulls out that is exactly what happened and you would need a new indicator light.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Do I need to call a service man to replace the indicator light? It is still in place, but will not come on. Just wanted to know if I can replace it or will I have to get a service man to do it.

Thank you.

You will need a service man to do it, it is not easy to change.
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