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remove the fauly inverter from GE SXS refer

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trying to remove the fauly inverter from GE side by side inverter is too big to come out the rear wihtout removing compressor something is wrong
Also therre is a three wire connector that leads into a greay box attached to the side of the compressor - cannot figure out how to open that box to discconnect existing inverter and recoonect new

Hi, my name is Farrell & I will be helping you with your problem today. Thanks for your question, it is important to me. To remove inverter;
1. Unplug the unit
2. Remove the rear access cover
3. Remove the screw securing the water valve and position to access the inverter
4. Remove 1 screw (1/4 in.) securing the inverter. Slide the inverter forward to release the back tab from the machine compartment bottom

NOTE; It may be necessary to bend the process tube in order to remove the inverter. If it is necessary to bend the process tube, use extreme care
5. Turn the inverter horizontally and slide out of the machine compartment

As for the inverter wiring, the wire terminals coming out of inverter, go to a disconnect block. Remove here.
Hope this helps, and thanks. Smile
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks I will need to look for thewater valve

There are three connectorsd on the inverter two ofwhich are avaialble to discconet reconnect

the third (3 wires) feed into a palstic box on side of compressor motor

How do I open this

THere is not enough room to get it out
what If I emailed you a picture


Hi, thanks for your response. the water valve is located in the corner in the back, its where your water line fastens on to. Question? Do you have the new inverter? Does it have the same 3 wires with a trianular connector block? This is whats going into box on side of compressor. The box over these wires is just a protective cover, and can be removed, possibly with a screwdriver. Before taking that off, i would see if they disconnect at the inverter. If you follow the directions I listed, I know its a tight fit, but its the only way it will come out. Just be very careful, expecially where gently bending the tubing comes in.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

yes I have the new invertor

Let me try and remove the block

This will helps with both problems

Will try and get to you tonight

If not tomrrow

Hi, thanks, XXXXX XXXXX here if you still have problems. Have a good rest of day.
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Good Morning, thanks again for letting me help you, it is appreciated

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