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sub zero 632s will not pay any attention to set point on both

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sub zero 632s will not pay any attention to set point on both sides it will get way too cold or run too warm
\Welcome to Just Answer!

The control module that temperature sensors are attached to is most likely failed... there is about a 99% chance of that.

You can follow the temperature probe sensor wires to the control module and try replugging all of its connections.... that has about a 20% chance of resolving the problem.

Let me know what you find, we can go from there.... as long as you rate my ongoing advices *positively I hold the question open and we keep going as necessary..

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

is there more then one sensor on this model with a serial number of p1899850

Hello again, all refrigerators of that nature have a temperature sensor on each side of the box... when both sides act up simultaneously and then sometimes run too cold.... and other times too warm as you describe... the problem is with the primary common control unit...not either sensor.

There should be a wiring diagram glued to the back of the refrigerator or inside the service panel that shows that configuration and the sensor wiring for each side of the box.

Stay in touch as needed.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

please tell me if a primary contro unit is the mother board or the display unit

Hello again, the primary control unit is the mother board.

Stay in touch as needed...even after you get the unit running I will hold the question open as long as you rate my answers *positively.


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