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My samsung window a/c unit is too cold. Compressor staying

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My samsung window a/c unit is too cold. Compressor staying on too long.
Welcome to Just Answer!

Tell me how you adjust the temperature on the model of Samsung air conditioner you have. is there a knob that you turn in one direction to make it colder? What happens when you turn the knob back the other way towards warmer?

Does the cooling stay on when the temperature adjstment is all the way towards the 'warmer' direction.?

How long have you owned the air conditioner?

Let me know as much detail as possible, we can go from there.


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

The a/c has an electronic touchpad, I normally use the remote to adjust it. I have tried turning temp to a warmer setting with no result, at times it will cycle off on its own. I will set it to 68- or never lower than 66 at night and have woke up freezing and room thermometer saying 59- 61 degrees. I checked to see if it was freezing up, don't see that happening, cleaned filter, cleaned thermostat end, it is draining outside. I have had it about 5 years, not sure exactly. I have resorted to switching between just the fan and the cooling setting to keep from becoming an icecicle during the night and I like it cold, but this is TOO cold. I am afraid to leave it on when I am not home because I heard of an a/c causing a fire and also had one that water built up in bottom of and ran out into a guest room for I don't know how long before I found it. What do you think?

Let me apologize for not getting back to you for so long but I had a sign in problem then was just too busy to spend time on computer. Maybe you are not there today since you are not getting back to me in the 15 min or so time frame. Hope to hear from you soon as I have already been charged for your answer which as yet I don't have. Thanks for your time and expertise.

Hello again,

Either the electronic temperature sensor that controls room temperature has gone bad ....... or the control module with the buttons on it has gone bad. Repair costs in the USA or the EU will run $200 to $300.

It is not always easy to get parts for the Samsung units...for that reason, and the fact that repairs can cost more than a new unit in many cases, some appliance shops will not accept them for repairs.

The life of the fan motor is in the 5 to 7 year range. That will be the next to go, cost to repair that will be in the $400 range.

My advice is to replace the unit. I am sorry to give you bad news, but any advice to attempt repairs would be a disservice to you. Most if not all of these air conditioners made in Asia are not repairable at US labor rates of $100 an hour., especially with 5 years use on them.


Beyond this range of issues, virtually all AC units on the market will ice the coil if run below 70F at night. You were very lucky with this one. Some of the AC units on the market will not let you set the temperature below 70 or 72F...

*** it will be a very good idea to check that on the next unit you buy***


Let me know what you think, we can go from there.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I am in Va. and it is very warm, hot this time of year so a/c units need to function without icing up. It has been in the 90's and humid for too long now. Thanks for the heads up on the temp setting for future purchase because I like a cold room to sleep in, I slept with the window cracked and a fan blowing all winter for many years and still use a fan during the winter. Thanks. So you are saying it is an electronics issue and I should replace? I pretty much thought it would need to be replaced. Is it safe to use for now?

Hello again,

it is as safe to use as it ever was... you just have no control over the temperature, and it will most likely tend to ice up at night. If it doesn't ice, just put on an extra blanket and consider yourself lucky... it might run a few more years that way if you don't mind the temperature control problem.

I will put up the ratings box now, so that if you want to give me a *positive rating, I can leave the question open so you can keep me posted on any developments.


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