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Hi All, I have a direct drive Whirlpool washer that would

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Hi All,

I have a direct drive Whirlpool washer that would not agitate, so I replaced the dogs. It still would not work so I replaced all the upper washers and the bolt

It still would not agitate so I replaced the gearcase.

Then, it would agitate, BEAUTIFULLY, but it quit spinning (aargh!)

So, I bought new couplers and replaced those and - while I was at it and just so I didn't have to take it apart again - I also replaced the clutch.

So, I put it all back together and turned it on and it filled and agitated, but I noticed it was leaking in the back from the cold hose so I turned off the water and tightened the hose.

Now it is NOT AGITATING AGAIN, although it IS filling, draining and spinning.

Does anyone know what I did wrong?

Hello, Thank you for using this service, I will be helping you with your problem today

When this fills now does the fill shut off when it gets to where its supossed to fill to and then just do nothing ? what I'm trying to do is see if this overfills. does it ?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

No. I just put it on the lowest setting and it filled just fine and then began agitating. I thought all was well but was leaking from the cold hose connection so I shut it of and tightened the connection so it would quit leaking (it did) but when I turned it back on, it would not agitate again. Everything else seems to be ok.

okay but when you turn the dial to drain right now it does no problem ?and spins?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Yes I drained it and it spun out the 2 towels I had in for a test run but it it will no longer agitate, but it DID until I shut it off to tighten

the cold water input hose...which I know should not have anything to do with it...

yeah thats the strange part. oaky well the part that atrts the agitate once its fill and stops filling is the pressure switch. Pressure Switch W10339251 Main Product View this is what senses the water and shuts it off then tells the timer to agitate. how many times have you tried this since you tightened the hose ? more than once after you drained it ?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I filled it to the lowest level twice. I have it filling to medium now to see if it stops where it is meant to. It does. And it kicks into "agitation mode" after the correct level is's just the agitator does not move.


oh, wow thats strange, so the motor is running but the agitator doesnt move, take the agitaor out and see if the shaft from the transmission is moving , try to stop it with your hand, dont grab to hard and get hurt just see if its strong.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.


When I open the lid it stops the agitator mode.


And before you ask me "then how do you know it just isn't agitating when you have the lid open to look..." I put some dry pieces of laundry into the water and they remain on top without sinking or even moving once I close the lid in agitation mode. You gotta' just trust me here.

lol I do beleive you. okay does the agitator move by hand at all ? does it feel like it may be loose on the shaft ? this is a new transmission and cant possibly be bad.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

New EVRYTHING, shiny out of the unopened boxes.

That is why I replaced the clutch when I went after the motor coupler so I didn't have to take it apart after I already replaced the gearcase...

Agitator moves freely to the right. Catches as (I THINK) it is meant to when I turn it left.

the only thing it could be is the agitator either striped on the shaft or is loose. can you check the bolt ? everything else is new and it makes no sense, I think its the lower section thats loose on the shaft. even thats strange just from tightening the hose but it may have been working loose before that .
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Checked the bolt just now (just in case). Checked to dogs were in correct position. Retightened the bolt (just in case).The shaft is new as it was attached to the gearbox and is definitely not stripped. Lower section??? The gearbox was a single unit. I took out the old one and slipped in a new one. Didn't mess with anything INSIDE of it Maybe I don't know what you mean by "lower section" ??????

The lower section of the agitator itself. Lower Agitator(NNN) NNN-NNNN        Main Product View
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

The part in the picture (the lower half/fins) of the agitator itself, turns both directions freely. The top part of the agitator turns freely to the right and catches when I turn it to the left. Are you saying the INSIDE of the lower portion of the agitator is stripped?

It could be I'm not sure but nothing else makes sense, and did you take the top off the agitator and make sure the bolt didnt loosen ? you could bypass the lid switch and then you could have this agitating with the lid open and the agitator off so you could see if the transmission shaft it turning back and forth and wther you can stop it with your hand. do you want to try that ?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Well yes, I suppose I could (keep in mind I am a 62 y/o grandma and kind of out of my element here...) but here's the thing...It WAS agitating as soon as I changed the gearbox, Then it quit spinning so I changed the clutch and motor coupler then It WAS agitating only quit when I messed with the hoses. Coincidence, right???

Every schematic I've looked at says this machine does not have an ala carte transmission, from what I can tell the transmission is the gearbox. And that shaft is new and it WAS turning because it was agitating, Why would it stop if it is new?

I will give it a whirl. 2 questions: What does it mean if I can stop and new shaft with my hand & How do I by-pass the lid switch? There is no hole to stick a screwdriver in so I will have to remove the electrical stuff and I am NOT clever enough to do that without some SERIOUS instructional videos. (You're really earning you $$$ today, kiddo!! Sorry)

I understand, Wow you did a great job doing all that ! I'm very impressed no kidding. I see people everyday who cant even find their model number so wow . Anyway. Yeah you would need to open up the control panel and unplug the lid switch then run a jumper wire so that may be a little much but I beleive you could probably do it ! you would need a peice of wire and some tape do you have that ?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Well, I did it because the thing really heavy and hard for me to, as long as it was on the floor and apart...

I'm really better at baking. Wink

What kind of wire?

I have masking tape and electrical tape and maybe duct tape (I think; I'll go look for some )



okay an old peice of lamp cord would work about 4 inches long stripped at both ends so you can stick it in the switch plug. graphicthe plug will be similar to this one. put the wire between the two outside terminals. just strip the wire back and stick it in then tape it ( make sure the washer is unplugged while doing this part). I'll be back shortly with diagrams to show you how to open the control panel.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Short on lamp cord...I DO have several yards of low voltage irrigation valve wire. It is about 1/4 inch cable that had 5 wires inside: red, orange, green, white and a black (ground, I am assuming). Can I use this? I don't know for sure, but I could strip them out a bit and take the red and orange and twist them together for use on one terminal and the green and white and twist them together for use on the second terminal...and let the black just kind of be there... it just seems creepy to me to have a couple of live wires hanging out that are not actually in use, which is why I thought it might be best to put the 2 together to make 2 instead of having all 4 live with nowhere for the current to go. Just guessing here... (If it's stupid, just say so, I won't be offended.)

oh , Low voltage wire wont work, see if you can get another peice of wire tomorrow and try it. Working my tail off tonight ! LOL okay on this diagram you will see two red arrows. (I put there for you Smile) if you look at the back of the control panel (where the controls are ) there are screws on each side (Phillips head) they go straight down into the body at a slight anel. remove those and pull the control forward slightly and then kift it up at the front and it will hinge back and lay against the wall. then you will see the lid switch in the left corner unplug it and do the jump. plug the machine in and and try an agitate cycle. watch the agitator then. graphic

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

OK. I will get some wire and try it...but even if I jump it and CAN hold the shaft still, what will that tell me to DO about it, since I have already replaced that shaft?

AND while I was waiting for reply I took LOWER agitator off and compared to schematic on line. The Thrust Space Washer appears to be a flat white ring, but the schematic has that same ring with about an inch and a half piece (extension???) coming off the bottom of it that I DO NOT have on mine.

Also, I found that the lower agitator has 4 tiny tabs on the top of it that appear to hold that extension (???) in place...and one of the tabs is broken. I don't know that it would matter because there is nothing for them to go into on the upper part of the agitator and my machine does not have that larger thrust space washer. Just thought you should know in case it makes you think something of different. (Sorry you're having to work so hard and thanks for letting me pick your brain cells.) Also, how do I get you back tomorrow with results after I get the wire and do the jump thing?

well that will confirm that the issue is the agitator and not anything else, I just cant see it being a transmission issue it has to be in the agitator, tightening the hoses should have any affect on the agitation, are you talking about number 22 on this diagram ?to get back to me tomorrow just reply and I will receive it automatically.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.


#22 on the diagram

I am going to stop for tonight but will you please just send back a response and I will not answer it until tomorrow because I don't have a reply button unless you ask me something. I will have to log in and start all over.

I am sure we will get it solved, it will just take some "stick-to-it-tive-ness."

Thank you for working so hard with me.

Good morning, just replying to you,when you get back let me know,thanks,Bryan