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Haier Air Conditioner HWF 05XC72 model. New. Barely used in

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Haier Air Conditioner HWF 05XC72 model. New. Barely used in 2010. Have not used SINCE JULY 2010. Just put it back up today after 3 years of non use. It won't blow any air, cold or otherwise and it will not even stay ON. I have cleaned it. It wasn't dirty. IT'S NEW!! I pushed the test button and reset button. The light is green. It should be working. But it is not. Why?

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The most likely cause is either that the unit has a refrigerant leak and all of the gas has leaked out, so that the unit will not run.

Or... there is a slightly corroded connection on the solid state control module inside the AC unit, fit directly behind the control buttons and knobs area.

We can do a few tests. If you can, set the unit in 'fan mode' only, not cooling and if the fan does not run, then its a bad connection at the control module most likely.

So far it sounds like a bad control module since the fan does run for a while then goes off.

These units are made in Asia with very poor support in the US so is out of warranty. A repair shop will charge you $100 to look at it in most cases, and $200 or $300 to repair it in many cases.... unless you get lucky.

Because parts are not easily available in the US many shops will not work on them... that is the bad news. I am sorry to have to deliver it.

However if you are real handy, and can figure out how to get the unit apart and access to the control module without a repair manual (not provided for virtually any of these units)... you will spend an hour or so, and might very well fix it by replugging all of the connections to the control module.

If that fails, removing the control module and putting it in a sealed plastic bag, and putting that into the freezer for a few hours will sometimes result in the electronic module working again...but it is a long shot.

Let me know what you think, and how much the unit cost you, we can go from there.


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks for the answer. That must be it. I cannot get the fan to come on at all. I can't take it apart. Better to just get a new one for about $150. I paid around $115 to $139 for it if I remember correctly. I have another Haier Pro Plus series w/remote and it still works great. Had it since 2002 if you can believe it! Not a minutes trouble. So, I got another one with less features for a small bedroom thinking it would be fine. But I guess not. Wish I had known before putting up in the window.

Thanks again.

Hello again, you are welcome, I am sorry to deliver bad news though... fortunately it is a smaller ac unit and too expensive.

I will put up the ratings box now so you can rate my service to you, thats the only way the company pays me from the deposit pool!


Phil and other Appliance Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Pls fwd this to Phil. Yes. I filled out everything. Gave you an excellent
score! AND I want you to know that I fixed my air conditioner myself! Hot
dogg! I missed ny calling! I decided to put a magnet on the control panel
near the knobs. Left it there for 2 days and it worked! That was all it
needed!I just can't believe it! Turned it on and the air came rushing out
of the fan and then the cold air when on ac setting! I guess the magnet
refreshed the connections in the control panel as I thought it might. I'm
still floored! Just thrilled! Feel like I won the lottery! Be sure to keep
that one in your toolbox, Phil! Thanks again! So glad I didn't have to pay
for a new

Hello again Lisa! You did spectacularly well... the magnet trick is new to the service business.

It works about 10% of the time, the fix is seldom permanent...but it seems to be in some cases.

It can do damage in other cases, erasing magnetically stored controls information.

I will put a big box of magnets into my online digital tool box.. its a good last resort measure for sure. Thanks for your valuable feed back!