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I have a GE over the oven microwave, model JVM1650WH05 that

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I have a GE over the oven microwave, model JVM1650WH05 that suddenly has no power. I have checked the outlet and there it is hot...but all of a sudden no displays light up. Is there a reset button or fuse I can replace or do I have to get a new one or a GE technitian?

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does the light come on when you open the door or is this completely dead ?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

No no light maybe one of the bulbs are bad would take cause it all to shut down?

is an in line fuse inside the microwave that go in these. they sell the fuses at lowes. you need to open up the control panel and its behind that. make sure you unplug the microwave before replacing.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Wow, is this really working now? I kept getting messages that I had to pay more money and with the few answers I got..due to the company's password XXXXX with my account, were not enough info to help me with my problem. SO, I have power, have replaced the fuse..and the micowave is still "dead" no lights..nothing. What do I try next? I do have an electrical meter that checks a few functions..with various dials and settings.

Let see if you can help me chase down the problem.

Hello I'm sorry I wasn't on yesterday, it gets a little tougher from here unfortunately. you need to locate and find the thermal cutoff in this. Thermoprotector WB27X10195      Main Product Viewthese are also like fuses. its number 61 on this diagram. its on the roof of the microwave behind the grill across the front top. always unplug the microwave before servicing. check the thermal cutoff for continuity. remember to remove one wire before testing.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

No problem with yesterday, I know things get busy.


I do understand the need to unplug the microwave first. I have this digital multimeter but don't know much about using it... which direction do I follow? AC voltage measurements? DC volt measurements? DC current measurements? Resistance Measurements up to 2000K ohms? Transistor (hFE) measurements or Diode Measurements? Which of these tests for continuity? and I disconnect one wire from the cutoff and then, with the proper setting to test, as you direct, what do I touch the leads to to test for the continuity on the meter?

you test this the same way you test the thermal fuse for the magnetron. heres a video link.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I will go to the link suggested.. Question..behind the grill, center and above is a large, about 2" across, circular thing with a yellow and black wire attached (clip) on the front. It is larger than I expected and is labeled "ST-16F ,EX73MRAA, and 21 V AC" Is that the part I am supposed to test for continuity?

no I believe your talking about the stirrer motor. the thermostat should be to the left of that its kinda hard to see and might have a cover in front of it. part number 61 on this diagram. the part your referring to is 60 I believe. the stirrer motor.
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