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My Kitchenaid refrigerator model #KFCS22EV is leaking water

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My Kitchenaid refrigerator model #KFCS22EV is leaking water onto the floor. The ice maker seems fine as is the freezer. First the water was on the right side, now it is on the left. Also ice is formed under the freezer drawer. I hope you can give me an answer. I have the "humidity" button on

Hello my name is XXXXX XXXXX you for choosing our service.

Your defrost drain is clogged. Your defrost drain is behind the rear wall of the "inside" of the freezer. Its a dime sized hole behind that wall and is also below the cold coils inside and behind that rear freezer wall. Once every 8 to 10 hours the refrigerator goes into defrost, the frost from those coils go right down that drain and because its clogged its running out onto the inside freezer floor.

DRAWER "Unplug the refrigerator"
1. Open drawer to fully open position.
2. Remove upper basket.
3. Remove screws one in each rail at the end of the rail.
4. Lift front of drawer up and out to remove drawer.
1. Remove screws inside plastic rail retainer.
2. Remove rails from retainer by depressing plastic tabs on back side of retainer.
3. Slide rails off of retainer.

Rack and Pinion Gear
1. Remove drawer assembly.
2. Extend drawer rails to full open position,remove rails
from retainer by depressing plastic tabs on back side
of retainer.
3. Slide rails, rack and pinion gear off of retainer.
4. Reverse procedure to reassemble.

Your ice maker will also need to be removed. There are usually 2 1/4 inch screws over the top of the ice maker and one underneath. Take those out and then follow the wire harness back to the rear inside wall and cut the zip tie if its there then unlock and pull to get the ice maker out.

Remove the parts with the red arrows in the diagram below.

Behind those parts is the evaporator coil that defrosts about every 10 hours. The drain for the defrost is in the floor directly under those coils, its just about the size of a dime. Dig out all the ice and clear that hole.

Once you get that done pour a little warm water down it to be sure its clear. If its not clear find something flexible and push down through it a couple of inches.

Go around behind your refrigerator and remove the lower panel then find the tube that comes out just over the drain pan. If there is a small amount of water in that pan you will be done. The water that drains into that pan evaporates.

The second way to do it but you need to unplug your refrigerator and open the doors overnight. In my opinion this is the best way because it leaves no possibility for any ice to remain.


The next day go behind the refrigerator and remove the lower covers. You will see a tube hanging from the bottom of the floor near the compressor. Take something plastic and push into that tube. Do not use anything else, that tube runs right up to aluminum coils that are easily pierced.

That will take care of it, please do not forget to rate my answer and ask if you have any questions.



Customer: replied 4 years ago.

The solution seems way too complicated for an "untech-y" person. Uhplugging the fridge for a day is really not feasible.

I have a call in to a Kitchenaid service person and am happy that I have an idea of what the problem is.

Is there a way to prevent this happening in the future or is this a known Kitchenaid problem? I am no longer under warranty. What would happen if I "lived" with the water on the floor? Is anything being damaged if this is not fixed right away?


Hello I am sorry for the delay. My internet has been out. No nothing will really happen bad to the refrigerator, you should really worry about the water in the floor though. It could damage your floor.

Most times this is caused because a door was left open at some point, then that starts the beginning of what you are describing. Now there will be occasionally a clogged drain and it really is not a Kitchenaid problem, it is more associated with the bottom freezer model.. All brands that sell a bottom freezer style refrigerator do receive more service calls for this problem then side by sides and top freezers.

Again please ask if you have questions.

Barry G. and other Appliance Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I rated you earlier today. don't know why it didn't register. I feel I have some good info to see if the tech that is coming tomorrow is capable. Keeping my fingers crossed. Your directions for me to do the repair is too much for me to handle comfortably.


That is strange. I can see that you have once and thank you very much.

Sometimes the job is more than a home owner can do but at least you are informed and know what he should be doing. If it happens you have any followup question please ask and I will respond as soon as I possibly can. Thank you for the opportunity.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

From what you wrote it doesn't look like we will need any parts. although not having any experience with fridge repair, your solution seems logical. I am praying that the tech knows what he/she is doing. At least I have the solution you sent. Shouldn't take too long to do, right?

It will probably take around an hour and no you should need no parts. It will be all labor. You may want to have some old towels on hand though for water just in case.

If the tech gets stuck you can always refer them to the written instructions if needed. I usually leave here around 1pm eastern time and I try to work 3 or 4 hours before that through the weekdays.


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

FYI: I waited all day for the techie and they arrived 5 mins after 5pm. My husband was very annoyed, especially when they told us we would have to unplug the fridge & let it defrost--just as you said. We sent them home.

So we are going to get rid of all the spoilable food and do it ourselves. Since that is what they were going to do anyway and I suppose they would have to return after the fridge was defrosted (or at melting temp) At any rate, I will search for a pliable plastic dime size tube to put in the drain pipe. I hope it works and that I don't have to do this very often.

again, thaks for your help. If this is as simple as the steps seem, we will have saved $$$.

You do not need a dime size tube, you just need some small plastic tubing around 1/4 inch in diameter. That will work just fine, it does not have to be exact, you just need something to push through there.

You are very welcome, I really appreciate the opportunity.

Take care,
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

we're now just emptying the fridge of stuff that will ruin when we defrost. I am hoping that it all works out as I feel it will.

again, thanks for your help.

I did rate & comment.