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I have a Maytag MSD2454FR. It would make ice, then quit, but

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I have a Maytag MSD2454FR. It would make ice, then quit, but water dispenser worked. Replaced ice maker, then first water valve (solenoid pair) in the back, then second valve in the back. Each time I replaced a part, it would work for a while, then stop making ice. With both the ice maker and both sets of valves replaced, it worked for about 3 days. Now it will quit for a day or two, then start working, then quit again, then after a while start again. Sometimes the water dispenser will work when the ice maker quits, sometime the dispenser quits when the ice maker quits. What do you suggest?
Hello, and thank you for using this service. I'll be helping you with your problem today.

Probably the best thing to do is determine if the icemaker isn't cycling and calling for water, or if water isn't actually making it to the refrigerator.  First, make sure the freezer is below 10 degrees because the icemaker will not cycle consistently if the temperature in the freezer is over 10 degrees.  Next, fill up the icemaker with a cup of water and take the icemaker cover off the front of the icemaker to expose the head of the icemaker. Put a jumper wire between terminals T and H and watch to see if the icemaker cycles in the next few minutes.  If it doesn't cycle, replace the icemaker because it's just bad.  If it cycles but doesn't fill up with water, check the fill tube behind the icemaker and if it's frozen solid, use a hair dryer and thaw it out.  If it's not frozen, you'll need to replace the electronic water valve on the back of the refrigerator where your water supply line from your house connects to your refrigerator itself.

If the temperature tests good and the icemaker tests bad, then I would replace everything at once because something inside the system keeps shorting out the other components so you would need to replace the icemaker and the valves.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

What you have suggested are essentially the things I have done previously. This is not a problem where things quit, but where the quit and them resume working. However, I am going to try what you suggest again.


When I began earlier, the ice maker was not making ice, and was dry (no ice cubes or water in the ice maker. There was no water coming from the water dispenser in the door. I had unplugged the refrigerator before emailing, and had taken the ice maker off of the hanger hooks, so I rehung the ice maker. The fill tube was not blocked with ice.


I plugged the refrigerator back in and ran a jumper between T and H. The ice maker cycled correctly, and water went into the ice maker from the water line (it was dry when I took it off the hangers). I checked the water dispenser on the door, and it has started working again.


So the ice maker now appears to work correctly for the moment, and so does the water line. Nothing seems to have been frozen up, just not filling and/or cycling. This is the recurring problem I have--sometimes they work, sometimes not.


I need a better answer that explains why it sometimes will not make ice but still dispense water, then other times neither will work. It isn't a water line problem. Frozen lines would not unfreeze to allow water through intermittently, and if the ice maker stopped cycling, why begin again? This seems to me more of a electrical problem than a mechanical one. Unplugging the refrigerator and then plugging it in might have more to do with making it work than the mechanical parts. Do you think that could be the answer, and if so, what would stop/reset if the power is unplugged? I'm not questioning your experience, but looking at the situation here and how the tings I have already done, and the things you suggest, do not appear to fix the problem.

There are only 2 things that will cause the icemaker to start and stop--- the icemaker is bad or the freezer temperature is going over 10 degrees which stops the Icemaker from cycling. This was mentioned the first time I replied to you.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

OK, so I placed a thermometer in the freezer compartment. It dropped to 0 degrees F. So now it is cycling, and the temp is below 10 degrees, so those reasons for the ice maker not working can can be dismissed.


That takes me back to my original post. None of your suggestions to this point solve my problem--they merely confirm that the ice maker appears to be OK.


What else can cause intermittent stopping/starting of the ice making process and the water dispenser? Does the ice maker control the working of the water dispenser? You have not said, and that would seem relevant to solving the problem.

Nothing else can cause an intermittent problem. You'd need to replace the icemaker again. The water is controlled by the icemaker when the icemaker cycles. The icemaker cycles based on the temperature only. If it not cycling consistently and the temperature maintains 0 then you have a bad Icemaker.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

OK, I will order another ice maker and see of that fixes the problem. It will take several days to get one. After installation I will send another reply to let you know how it is going. If there is still a problem, we will go from there. That will be after I submit a rating, but you said that was acceptable. Thanks for your help and patience.

If there is still a problem, the only thing I will be able to tell you is to order another icemaker or monitor the temperature inside the freezer closer, because nothing else would cause the problem.

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