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Randy 43
Randy 43, Home Appliance Technician
Category: Appliance
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Experience:  20 yrs experience 18 in home,gas license , refrigeration expert
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My washer is flashing "F 11" and the door wont unlock. This

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My washer is flashing "F 11" and the door won't unlock. This has happened before and I can eventually get it unlocked by pressing pause and/or restart. This time it still won't work. I unplugged it from the wall and it still didn't help. I have a front load duet HT. it's about 9 years old and I haven't had a y other trouble with it.

Randy 43 :

Hello, my name is XXXXX XXXXX iam happy to help you with your question today. i guess with the door locked you dont have access to any model number? do you have it written down anywhere?

Customer: I don't have model number. I will see if I can find the user manual but I think I looked for it last year and couldn't find it. It is a front load washer.
Randy 43 :

how long did you unplug it for ?

Customer: I found it (lucky me) model GHW9400PWO
Customer: I unplugged it for about a minute
Randy 43 :

ok ,thx sometimes you need to unplug it for up to 5 min or more to insure that the board has time to reset .. if you need to manually open the door , you need to remove the lower access panel ,there are 3 screws under that panel ,then if you reach your arm in under the latch there is a tear drop latch release that hangs down , you pull down on that release and open the door at the same time

Randy 43 :

The F11 error indicates a MCU problem ,motor control board but before you get that changed you need to check all the connections to the board and the door latch

Randy 43 :

a bad connection can cause that error to pop up ,there are a few connections on the door latch and to the motor boar (MCU)

Randy 43 :

if all the connections are ok and the machine still does not work properly then the MCU needs to be changed

Randy 43 :

Motor Control Board(NNN) NNN-NNNN        Alternate Product View
Full Size Image

Randy 43 :

if it just happened a year ago and was fine a longer reset may reset the board and be ok again

Customer: I unscrewed the three screws but can't get the front panel off.
Customer: Oops. Wrong three screws.
Randy 43 :

they are on the very bottom of the lower panel

Randy 43 :

you can put a roll of tape or something underneath to prop the machine a bit

Randy 43 :

they are a little difficult to get to sometimes

Customer: Mine is on that riser drawer thing. I need to find an Allen wrench I think
Randy 43 :

or a 1/4 nutdriver or 5/16 nutdriver i believe?

Customer: Ok. Panel is off. Now what? :)
Randy 43 :

reach up under the right hand side and find that latch release and pull down on it ,it hangs down from the latch

Customer: I got the door open. The water is pouring out. Ugh. Do I need to unplug it?
Randy 43 :

yes, the water shouldnt be that high?

Randy 43 :

is it still running?

Randy 43 :

it didnt drain the water out at the end of the cycle?

Customer: It never got to the end of the cycle. I just took about 8 buckets full of water out and there's still more. Let me unplug it.
Randy 43 :

try closing the door and put it into the drain cycle and see if it goes into that cycle?

Customer: I unplugged it. Clothes are out. Took most of the water out.
Randy 43 :

if you have it unplugged check the connections to the motor board and latch and if all ok ,plug back in and test it ,if yoy get the F!! then the motor board needs to be replaced

Customer: Is the motor board the picture you sent earlier? What side or the washer is it on?
Randy 43 :

it is on the bottom either left front or right rear ..other board is up top

Customer: Everything looks plugged in but I'm not really sure what I'm looking for. I'm going to plug it back in.
Randy 43 :

just to make sure all connections are inserted and tight

Randy 43 :

and on the latch as well ,if you reach up again with it unplugged and push on the connectors making sure they havent come loose

Customer: Ok it's working. I guess I will just go through the same thing if it happens again. How much does it cost to replace the motor board?
Randy 43 :

ok let me check

Randy 43 :


Motor Control Board

RepairClinic Item #(NNN) NNN-NNNN/p>

Motor control unit (MCU)

Manufacturer Number(NNN) NNN-NNNN/p>


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Customer: Super! Thank you so much!
Randy 43 :

ok ,no problem ,good luck,any problems let me know

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