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I have a scotsman MDT4F ice machine. I just did a periodic

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I have a scotsman MDT4F ice machine. I just did a periodic cleaning. Used the cleaning solution, then ran the machine on regular water supply for 15 minutes. Then did a very diluted bleach / water mixture. Then I intended to run the machine on regular water supply again. Turned on the water, the water dispenser will work, but the reservoir will not fill. If I manually fill it from a cup, the machine will make ice. But it will not fill the reservoir on its own.

I removed the water sensor, wiped it, and put it back in, but it still won't fill the reservoir.

Any ideas?
Welcome to Just Answer!

Locate the electric solenoid in the 1/4" copper tube that supplies water to the reservoir, remove the nut that holds the solenoid valve coil in place and see if you can remove the coil when the reservoir is empty and the machine should be running and making ice.

Tell me please if your model has a float valve fit in the reservoir along with the water sensor.

you can also put a screw driver into the center hole of the coil, if it is energized it will attract the screw driver blade...

As we go along just keep pressing the 'continue' button until we succeed. There are no time limits here.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hey Phil, so I know where the solenoid is, but I'm not sure what you mean that I should do with it. I tried to attach a photo, but it does not work.


I'm [email protected]

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

and yes, the ice maker definitely has a float in the reservoir. If I pour in water, everything goes great and it makes ice.

Hello again. Thanks for the data.

if you get no water flow into the reservoir when you press the float down, the float valve is either stuck. or the solenoid is not getting power to open.... or the solenoid is bad.

The problem is one of those things or the machine would not run when pour water into the reservoir.

You need to make sure the solenoid is getting power... there are several ways you can do that. the solenoid is operated by an electric coil mounted on top of it.
You can use an multi meter set on AC voltage to determine if it is getting power or not... do you have a multi meter?

An easier way to see if the solenoid is getting power is to hold a tiny screw driver blade over the exposed end with the hole in it...if the screw driver blade is pulled toward the coil it is getting power.


If the solenoid is not getting power then it could be that over flow sensor needs a better cleaning, try rinsing it off with fresh water and a tooth brush...if that fails it could be a problem with the electronics control board that it is connected to.

Let me know how all that goes... as long as you keep rating my answers positively I will hold the question open for you.


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Phil, the solenoid DOES attract my screwdriver, in a magnetic sort of way. There is definitely water pressure to the reservoir assembly. So it must be a clogged valve in the reservoir, correct?


I have removed the entire reservoir and I'm soaking it in the diluted scale-cleaning solution. Should I try to disassemble the entire valve structure?;sid=EsXznD_cJcr5nG4-tDfGkpcctCGcP5k4fWY=


That is what I'm working with.



Hello again, thanks for the picture.

Loosen the nut on top of the reservoir/ float assembly that holds the water tube in place... and see if any water squirts out when the solenoid is attracting your screw driver....

If no water comes out with the nut loose or removed. then the
solenoid valve is defective, stuck or not opening

If water comes out, then the float valve assembly is stuck. Taking
it apart and cleaning it will solve the problem.

Let me know how all that works, we can go from there.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I think I've got it working Phil. There was dirt in the float valve.


Thanks very much for your help.


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Good work Dave!

I will put the ratings box up now so you can rate my answer!


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