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Miele dishwasher model: G898 SCI Plus Turned DW on last

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Miele dishwasher model: G898 SCI Plus

Turned DW on last night at 10. Today I find Water intake light. Turned off the breaker for a minute. Did no good.

Water intake light blinks immediately. Empied DW and bailed water out of bottom filter area - removed check valve - it was clear. I managed to put my little finger in the hole - and the impeller spins freely.

What do I need to do next (I'm mechanical so I plan to fix it myself if possible)?

Jon : Hello



We still connected?

Jon : Still here
Jon : just pulling up model info.
Jon : So the dish is now not draining? Correct?


Jon : Ok. If you hit can so button and try to drain water out do you hear the drain pump humming? Or do you hear nothing?
Jon : If you hear nothing we will need to check power to the drain pump. Should have 110 volts. You will need a meter to check.

I don't hear anything. All I get is the 'Water Intake' light on continuely.

Jon : If you hear humming we know there is power to the drain pump but has likely shorted out and will need to be replaced. This is a common problem on these models.

I have a DVM, but I'm at work now. I can check it tonight. Are there any drawings of where the pump is located / how to access?

Jon : I thought you said you already checked the impeller? The drain pump is under and behind the access panel under the dishwasher just next to the main sump motor. The dishwasher will need to be pulled out and disconnected to work on. I will get you instructions and diagrams to follow if need be. Just when you get home tonight please first check the drain pump. That is likely the cause for the failure.
Jon : I will so get you part info and numbers so you can order parts online cheaper if you would like to fix this yourself and save a ton of money.
Jon : Please just remember to rate my performance positively now.
Jon : Thanks. Talk to you. Soon.

OK, I'll check it tonight. And yes, I'd like to fix it myself!

Jon and other Appliance Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I'm going to pull the DW tonight. How do I get out the water that is in the sump (my guess that's what you call it)?


Yes. You are correct by calling it the sump motor.

The best way to bail out the water is to remove the bottom rack and wash arm and remove the filter and screws to the top portion of the sump. Then take a wet dry vac and vacuum out as much I the water as you can. If you don't want to do that, remove the dishwasher from cabinets after first turning off the water supply and disconnecting the drain hose and removing the lower access panel, and remove the drain hose and run the vac at the same time to get the water out that way.

But either way you do it keep some towels handy because there will most definitely be some water that spills out.

Get back to me here if you have any other questions before I get back to you tonight with directions and parts info and I will help you more.

Thanks again for the positive rating. Talk to you tonight. I am on the east coast by the way so I will get back to you after 7 pm. Friday is a late day for me at work. I apologize for the delay. But please know that I will get everything you need to get the job done.
I am unable to download a copy of the service manual from

but if you would like you can go to their website and search it for yourself. Maybe you will have better luck then I. Just go to and download the service manual for your model. If you cant find the service manual for your model simply call their customer suport number at 1-800-999-1360 or 1-800-843-7231. And just tell the rep that you need a copy of the service manual for your model. They will send one out to you.

And after you pull the machine and check the drain pump, should you need to replace parts, call that number as well and get parts that you need.

Now to access the dishwashers drain pump you will first need to power off the machine either by unplugging it or flipping off the breaker to the machine. Then disconnect the water line if there is not enough slack for you to pull the dishwasher out of the cabinets.

Now with the dishwasher out place some towels down on the floor and tip the machine on itsside and remove the lower access panels. Some early models didnt have a bottom access panel so if after tilting yours you dont see an access panel under the dishwasher you will need to remove the side panels of the dishwasher. you will see two or three screws on the side of the dishwasher towards the front and door. Remove those screws and pul the side panel out.

This will give you access inside the drain pan. Now first, if you notice a build up of water get some more towels or wet/dry vac and suck out the water. if there is alot of water down there that could be the reason for the machine not working. If this is the case the dishwasher leaked a little bit and got into the drain pan where the water pools up and collects. If enough water comes into the drain pan it can activate the flood switch. And the dishwasher will first start to drain the water out and you will hear the drain motor coming on. And if the machine just continually drains it either means there is still water in the drain pan or the flood switch is damaged.

If no water in the drain pan good. Next you can remove the hoses to and from the drain pump. Again it is right next to the main larger sump motor. The drain motor you will notice will have two hoses to it. one going in and the drain hose going out. Remove the clamps and check the hoses and drain motor impeller for any clogs or jams. It is very common to have a build up of food, bones and glass that get caught there so please be careful when sticking your finger in to check.

If you can feel the impeller of the drain pump spinning then the drain motor is most likely good. But please check that and the hoses for any clogs.

If no clogs found then replace the main control board.

After you have checked the drain motor, hoses and the flood switch and the intake/drain light comes on again you will need to replace the main sump motor and drain motor. And call into the miele number again.

what can alos help to fix problems like yours is tipping the machine towards the front or door at a 45%. Just tilt the dishwasher after you have gotten it out from the cabinets again towards the front of the machine and see if there is any water that comes out of the drain pan. This happens sometimes too. And tilting the dishwasher forward at about a 45% will allow the water in the drain pan to flow out. Keep a towel there to soak up the water.

If you get water keep it tilted until the flow of water stops. Then allow the dishwasher to dry on its own for about two days. Then push the dishwasher back in and try it all again. If it works for you then we know the flood switch was the issue. If it doesnt help and you can get into the drain pump or hoses get back to me here and I will help you.

Thanks again.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Sorry to be late getting back - but this DW broke while I'm in the process of remodeling the master bath, and my wife had outpatient surgery - talk about everything happening at once


I used the wet vac and sucked out the water in the sump. Turned unit on it's side and removed bottom plate. Nice and dry.


I called Miele - they won't sell service manuals unless I'm a registered tech.


What's the next move?