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I have a Maytag gas dryer Model MDG2600BWW. It had a 4.5 amp

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I have a Maytag gas dryer Model MDG2600BWW. It had a 4.5 amp motor with a threaded shaft to which the blower basically was screwed on to. The flange at the opposite end around which the belt was seated ruptured. I replaced the motor. You sent a new motor which looked identical to the old motor but it is different slightly. It is part no PS2036168. It required a different blower. Rather than send the motor back since it fit into the motor housing and had the same retainer clips I ordered a new blower instead. It ran the tumbler perfectly. , I note now the dryer is not heating and the timer on the auto dry portion of the setting dial did not advance. today I note one day after the motor installation the flat igniter ignites and a flame does appear but the flame and igniter goes off in 2-4 seconds. The lint duct to the outside is clear. Suspect a gas coil, one of the thermostats , the igniter or the flame sensor went bad. My question is Is it possible the the motors being slightly different, though the wire harness that clips in looks identical , is creating the problem with the timer not advancing and the burner not remaining lit and thus it is not getting hot any longer. Again it seems very coincidental that I replace the motor carefully and now have a couple of major malfunctions elsewhere. The interior of the dryer though 6.5 yrs old looks great and I carefully vacuumed it out. I want to be sure it is not the new motor since it is slightly different than the original creating the new problems before testing all the thermostats, the gas coils, etc. The one originally coming with the dryer looks most like PS2036417 (series 12 )on your web site re parts. Hope that helps.

Thanks for using this service. Please be logged in to rate my assistance when we are done. Rating 3-5 is good, but 1-2 is bad so talk with me first. Sounds like a bad flame sensor or gas valve issue. Thst has nothing to do with the motor. I would check to see if the flame sensor is closing right after ignition. If it is it is bad. Also make sure the flame is getting sucked down the tube so it is not tripping the high limit on the burner tube.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

can one check the flame sensor with an ohm meter while attached to determine whether it closes properly?


what is the average number of ohms for the thermostats in a dryer roughly to determine if they are functioning correctly?


Thanks much in advance.



Should be 0 ohms when closed and infinite when open for the thermostats. The sensor is normally closed and opens when the ignitor glows up to brightness.
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